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Embrace the New Normal with Face Masks that Celebrate Mindanao’s Beautiful Culture and People!

Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay | July 10, 2020

Embrace the New Normal with Face Masks that Celebrate Mindanao’s Beautiful Culture and People!

Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay
Kenneth Mheil Mangaya- Ay | July 10, 2020

Face masks are now part of our daily lives and Filipinos have found creative ways to make face masks to try to protect ourselves and others against the coronavirus. Here are some face masks made by Mindanaoans that carries hope, sustainability, and culture:

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Inaul Face Mask and Inaul Turbans by Hilyah Signorina

Inaul, which means “woven” in Maguindanao, is a hand-woven tapestry fabric with geomentryic designs. Inaul textile is the traditional woven cloth of the Maguindanao ethnolinguistic group. The Hilyah Signorina production team and Sultan Kudarat United Inaul Weavers Association (SKUIWA) are working together for this project. The vibrant colors of Maguindanaoan ethnolinguistic group shine in their Inaul face mask and Inaul turbans. Special feature: Inaul patterns (maroon, multicolor, green and black) – Gunsi, Pakiring, Karanda and Lumbayan.

Twenty (20) percent of the proceeds will go to Kapit-Mindanao for COVID-19 aid to Mindanaoan communities. Kapit Mindanao is a nationwide digital fundraising campaign that aims to assist youth-led organizations in giving aid to Mindanaoan communities affected by the global health crisis.

The Mask of Hope by Wilson Ninofranco Limon

The Mask of Hope has three patterns: the Manata, a pattern they conceptualized six years ago, inspired by the Inabal of the Bagobo Tagabawa. The second, Stellar, was hailed from the patterns of the Tboli group. It was used in a 2016 fashion design competition where Limon won his first gold medal. The third pattern, Flanek, is a print from their Spring Summer 2015 collection which symbolizes the bayanihan spirit of the Blaan community.

A portion of the profits will benefit specific ethnolinguistic community beneficiaries. For the Manata design, Limon coordinated with Wimler Organization to help Bagobo weavers in Bansalan, Davao del Sur. For Stellar, donations to COWHED and LASIWWAI (Lake Sebu Indigenous Women Weavers Association Inc.) will be coursed through Ateneo de Davao University Community Engagement and Advocacy Council and the Flanek design, proceeds will be donated to Lamliflew Tribal Women’s Association. The digital prints of the #MaskofHope have already been approved and recognized by the appropriate ethnolinguistic authorities.

The MUSA Face Mask by Joy Soo

The main material of the face mask is MUSA Fabric with satin silk inner lining and filter. MUSA is derived from the scientific name of the banana, where the fibers from the fruit’s peel are woven together to create a textile. The MUSA face mask was the output of the MUSA Advocacy Project which is anchored on one significant purpose which is to help persons deprived of liberty in 3 jail institutions in Davao Region.

PDL’s will benefit from the sold face masks since the weaving of this fabric is their source of livelihood. Considering that these prisoners are locked down behind bars for so many years, it is a big help for them if this project will flourish in the fashion industry. Most of the weavers are sentenced for life and if not for this endeavor, they can no longer provide for their families.

Abaca Fiber Face Mask by SalayHandmade 

Using abaca as its main material, these face masks have better filtration and protection than cloth variants, as tested by the Department of Science and Technology. Also, it is washable by soaking it in water with soap. When the mask reaches its serviceable life limit, it decomposes faster since there were no plastics or harmful chemicals used in its fabrication.

Aside from being fashionable in the new normal, it’s more important to show support to our local entrepreneurs’ world-class products. #BuyNaKayJuan

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