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Pizza Delivery of this Laguna Café Goes Eco-Friendly With Banig Boxes!

Gari Sy Rivera | July 14, 2020

Pizza Delivery of this Laguna Café Goes Eco-Friendly With Banig Boxes!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | July 14, 2020

The BrickOven Café based in Pila, Laguna is an establishment that not only serves tasty slices of pizza, it now initiates sustainability by launching handwoven-banig pizza boxes for delivery! Customers today can opt to order their pizzas in these efficient boxes and take a step in saving the earth each time they do. With its very Pinoy and fresh design, how could you not want to order a box? We sure do!


Handwoven pizza boxes | Photo courtesy of The BrickOven Cafè Facebook  page

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These boxes for pizza delivery were made to be reusable and eco-friendly, compared to the usual cardboard pizza boxes that can ideally be wasteful.  Not only does this initiative contribute to the global effort of environmental protection, it also takes part in supporting our local weavers from the mountains of Laguna, handweaving each of these banig boxes theirselves.

In a Facebook post, the café expresses the advocacy to support local and promote recyclability. “Let's go ECO!”

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Discounted pizza delivery orders are offered for those who would like to reuse the handwoven-banig pizza boxes they already have, The BrickOven Café’s delicious pizza flavors include favorites such as Pepperoni, Bacon Mushroom, Margherita, and the House Special.

The BrickOven Cafè pizza flavors | Photo courtesy of The BrickOven Cafè Facebook  page

Eco-friendly practices have been emerging over the years to preserve our natural environment and surroundings, plastics and other unbiodegradable material wastes have particularly been polluting a few portions of Philippine waters. Still, efforts and initiatives like this along other voluntary projects and solutions by those who care are fighting for that positive change for the earth. If pizza boxes have found a way to be reusable, redusable in material and production and recyclable in its purpose, we can definitely find solutions for other material objects in our everyday lives to adapt and be substituted into sustainable, environment-friendly forms!

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