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Handy UVC LED Bags Essential to Keep Safe in the New Normal!

Gari Sy Rivera | July 22, 2020

Handy UVC LED Bags Essential to Keep Safe in the New Normal!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | July 22, 2020

While on the lookout to stay healthy and germ-free amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we tend to make sure that we’re clean and safe both in and outside homes, even cleaning our furniture and everyday items to be extra sure. That’s where Smart and Healthy Finds PH comes in, introducing us to UVC LED bags that clean and kill germs on items placed inside!

This newly launched local business aims to share products like their UVC LED bags that keep any type of bacteria away from us and our frequently used belongings, like our wallets, phones and other gadgets. “For people to have the access to the easiest kind of disinfection and best protection right in their hands, we want the people to be armed in this pandemic,” shares Co-founder Alex Dimayuga.

The UVC LED bag is very simple and easy to use, all you need to do is place the stuff you want to clean inside it, close the bag and hit the ‘on/off’ button to start its 3-minute cleaning cycle through the UVC led beads found within, run by its very own power bank. When fully charged, the bag can go through up to 19 cleaning cycles!


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Though ultraviolet light may have slight risks involved with improper use,  Alex shares that the product is completely safe. “UVC is a human-made UV ray, it kills all kinds of germs and bacteria, especially viruses. It is in a safe wavelength of 270nm, [otherwise,] an unsafe wavelength can cause difficulty of breathing, and harm to your body,” she adds, “It also has an additional safety feature when it's ongoing and suddenly opened, it automatically turns off to make sure you are not exposed to any UV ray.”

Alex also shares that the UVC LED bag is highly encouraged to have during these careful times, to ensure cleaner environments and homes. “You can put your phone in and everything you used outside to make sure you bring none of the virus home to your family.” Citing an example upon learning about the product herself, she relates that the bag saves up time, effort, and disinfectant alcohol. “I saw my boyfriend's family cleaning everything they used outside, even the money and the grocery they bought, with alcohol. Disinfecting using that alone, their alcohol was not enough. So, my sister's best friend talked to me about this bag that can disinfect everything without needing to waste alcohol.”

Along with the UVC LED bag, Smart and Healthy Finds PH also sells other disinfecting products such as UVC LED sterilizing lids and storage boxes.

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Not only has the business introduced these efficient, UVC LED disinfecting and sterilizing bags and products alike to people, they’ve purposely opened opportunities to those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic as well. “We talked to people who lost their jobs but still have motorcycles and gave them jobs as our private riders to help us deliver every order we get. They get 100% of the delivery fee and we do all the logistics for them.” Alex relates, “All in all, this is for the people: to combat the pandemic and make sure we give opportunities to those who just lost their jobs.”

Smart and Healthy Finds PH delivers the UVC LED bags and their other products within Metro Manila and its outskirts, nationwide shipping to farther places from here is available. Visit Smart and Healthy Finds PH’s Facebook page for orders and more!

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