Chill OPM Tracks that Perfectly Sum Up ECQ Feels

Chill OPM Tracks that Perfectly Sum Up ECQ Feels

Gari Sy Rivera | May 22, 2020

Chill OPM Tracks that Perfectly Sum Up ECQ Feels

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | May 22, 2020

Cooped up in our homes, music proves itself as a constant friend that just gets whatever we feel, think or go through. Sometimes, the lyrics and the song’s vibe itself know ourselves better than we do! Hit pause on life and press play on these OPM tracks and find the soundtrack to your quarantine life!

“It’s Okay” by Clara Benin

Feeling melancholic about life changes during the pandemic or worried about how life unfolds during the COVID-19 season? Clara Benin perfectly sums these up in this song, reminding that you are not alone in feeling heavy. Accompanied by gently plucked guitar strings, the song asks the same things we ask, “Is it okay if I close my eyes, is it okay if I take my time?”

“I think it's just a reminder na it's okay na ganito yung feeling, during these hard times. That it's okay to feel scared about what's going to happen. It gives hope din na everything will be better in time.” – Lance, 21

“Two Worlds” by Armi Millare

If the quarantine has left you wondering about the world and all that it holds, the track by lead vocalist Armi Millare of alternative rock band Up Dharma Down is the song for you. Its snappy beats along with its metaphoric lyrics are the perfect track to work or simply chill to.

“It makes me wonder how are we going to go back sa dating normal.” – Lance, 21

“Alive” by Over October

This Over October single hits the hearts of those missing their loved ones while apart. Verses of the song express the little observations and things to love about their special someone, while the chorus truly strikes a relatable note of missing and loving while surviving troubles.

“The song reminds me to live in the moment, that I’m alive and I should stay alive even when I’m far from my girlfriend, even my parents because I miss them too.” – Michael, 24

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“Home” by Reese Lansangan

This all-time favorite, feel-good track by singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan brings all the warm feelings inside back to life, keeping you in love with the idea of love, along with the comfort of how it makes one feel secure. The song’s soothing vocals and accompaniment is a great song to play for a chill time too.

“It’s a good song #relate” -Neli, 21

“Currently” by She’s Only Sixteen

Even amidst quarantine, opportunities to learn, heal, and grow are still present every day, which is a message found in the indie/alternative band’s May 2020 release.

“For me, it speaks about being hopeful and new beginnings. I particularly love the line: “We’re almost at the best part of our lives” because totoo naman, no matter what happens, this will pass din. Also “Please be kind to yourself to survive” ‘cause we can get caught up in this idea na during this quarantine, you have to “glow up” and be productive, pero taking things one day at a time is enough.” – Cheska, 21

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“Pwede Ba” by Lola Amour

The track by rock band Lola Amour also reminds us to live in the moment, move at our own pace, and hit pause amidst all the troubles and worries we face. With its downbeat tempo and rhythmic groove, this could be the song for you to destress and take a breather to.

“You feel unsure with all the bad news and you’re like, "Okay wait, stop, let me process this." Feeling mo na you don’t wanna hear them muna ‘cause you’re overwhelmed, even if you need to know them.” – CJ, 21

“We’ll Be Fine” by Banna Harbera

The opening lyrics “My head's been spinning inside these walls, I think my conscience has been through it all” sound like the exact life some of us are experiencing right now. The rest of the song goes on into its encouraging message of sticking around until the aftermath, that everything will be fine at the end of the challenges: reminders that we all need to hear.

“We need hope and positivity so I like this song talaga. And it makes you feel groovy even if you wanna cry so yes, dance while crying.” – Yula, 21

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“Rest” Leanne and Naara

For those who are tired, down, and feeling the anxiety building up inside, this song is for you. The importance of taking time to breathe and rest away from all kinds of hurt and struggles is highlighted in the duo’s song, serving as a tearjerker for most who’ve found the same kind of pain expressed in this track.

“I first heard the song and thought, ‘God, the universe or Leanne and Naara must be reminding me to step away from everything that was physically, mentally and emotionally tiring and draining me away’. I haven’t stopped listening to the song since then, especially now during quarantine, it’s kept me inspired and reminded that I’m not alone in feeling worn down.” – Anne, 23

“Goodnight My Love” by Moira and Nieman

A lot of us have been finding a hard time sleeping at night, kept awake by worries, fears, and sadness from being away from loved ones. The lullaby-like duet by Moira and Nieman serves as a hopeful message that there is no distance when it comes to love, calming your heart and mind along with its gentle strums of guitar and melodic strokes of strings.

“I’ve been missing my family throughout the quarantine and my worries over them have been keeping me up at night. Its lyrics ‘Someday in time I'll get to hold you inside my arms, it’s long overdue. Goodnight my love, I'll see you soon’ best fits what I’ve been feeling.” – Sean, 26

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