Buy Amazing Ilonggo Art to Help Produce Community Face Masks!

Buy Amazing Ilonggo Art to Help Produce Community Face Masks!

Lory Joyce Andagan | May 28, 2020

Buy Amazing Ilonggo Art to Help Produce Community Face Masks!

Lory Joyce Andagan
Lory Joyce Andagan | May 28, 2020

During this fight against COVID – 19, Ilonggos were already known for their initiatives to help one another. Private sectors came together to donate vital needs of Ilonggos struggling to make ends meet during the quarantine. Numerous local volunteers assisted the frontliners in any way that they can.

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With the announcement of community quarantine, Ilonggo artists were fearful about their craft’s status during the pandemic. Some started to worry about their source of living. As such, Mayor Jerry Treñas thought of organizing an online art auction as a means to help out the struggling artists earn from their masterpieces as well as to raise funds for worthy COVID-19 causes. “This project of ours gave them hope, recognized their craftsmanship and talent, and provide them income,” said Mayor Treñas.

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He called veteran Ilonggo artist Rock Drilon who was elated by the idea. Mayor Treñas’ daughter Raisa spearheaded the set–up, groundworks, and reaching out to the Ilonggo art community while Drilon drafted all the guidelines. Through the close collaboration of many sectors, the online auction was officially launched last 3 May 2020 with 37 participating artists and some 70 artworks exhibited on the website.

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In just under a month after the launch, the initiative has earned more than P2 Million. While half of the sales revenues are allocated towards the artists' quarantine incomes, the other half will be used to produce 200,000 face masks to shield Iloilo City residents from the coronavirus. The production of the face masks is still ongoing and we currently have more than 58,000 face masks. These will be distributed to all the Ilonggos for free,” says Mayor Treñas.

Since its launch, the auction has grown into a roster of 83 Ilonggo artists with more than 300 artworks up for grabs. The auction will continue until the 30th of May. To participate, check out their website for more details.

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