Keiko Necesario single 'Right Next to You'

Keiko Necesario Resonates Journey and Faith In Latest Single ‘Right Next to You'

Gari Sy Rivera | July 07, 2020

Keiko Necesario Resonates Journey and Faith In Latest Single ‘Right Next to You'

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | July 07, 2020

Known for her folk and acoustic hits like Away from the Current and Di Bale Na, soulful singer-songwriter Keiko Necesario is back for a new era in music, kicking it off with her latest single Right Next to You, a piece in her upcoming sophomore album that most of us are extremely excited for. This era for Keiko is directed as a fresh start and new beginning for the artist, and we can anticipate this from her upcoming album. “I love that it signifies renewal and abundance because in this album, God really provided, even like more than I imagined.”

Keiko relates how different her first album was produced compared to her second release later this year. “He provided more than enough and that’s the new thing, that’s the difference between before and now,” she relates to her past and present work, “He provided before and He still provides now, it's just different provisions."

During the period of Through it All (2015), she was an independent artist who found connections online to help produce and distribute her debut tracks independently. Since then, the singer-songwriter has signed with Warner Music Philippines who supported her continuing journey as an artist.

Grateful for every opportunity that took place with God’s guidance in her career, Keiko expresses how His providence has never failed. “When we obey and we really surrender to Him, He delights in us. He’ll give you the desires of your heart because He’s the one that gave you the desire in the first place. So, that also served for me as a go-signal and a confirmation that his album is from Him.”


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Produced with London’s duo-producers Chasing Fantasia, we can anticipate Keiko’s upcoming album to resonate with different kinds of love in one cohesive record.  “The whole album is about love and its different forms. Like love for self, love for God, love for your purpose, love for other people,” she adds, “What bound them together is really just the story of God.”  As the global pandemic continues, Keiko hopes to amplify the message of love. “I’m really excited about this album because it’s just what I need for this season. I think once people really hear it, it’s also gonna serve as what they need and for what their season is now.”

As a sneak peek into this new album, Keiko released its very first single, Right Next to You, on 3 July 2020 midnight, serving hopeful emotions in its vocals and storytelling, along with its rich, mellowed yet electro-pop like accompaniment. Its music video was released the next day, giving her fans a look of what her time in London producing the album and its single was like.

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Looking back at when she wrote the track in 2018, Keiko remembers how she came up with the concept of not only writing about past and present experiences, but also those of the future. “When I was writing this song, I had this idea. The usual thing is, if an artist experiences something, they write about it. If I can write about my past and my present, I can also write about my future,” she adds, “I just had this idea of writing about what it would feel like, or what it would be like when the love of my life actually comes into the picture, when my “God’s best” actually arrives." 

Not only does Right Next to You relate Keiko’s journey as an artist and individual, but it also reflects the value of patience and placing faith in God, which has carried her through until today. “This song is actually anchored in a bible verse, 1 Corinthians 2:4 'No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has imagined what God has planned for those who love Him.' I've known all my life what I wanted to do but once I surrendered everything to Jesus, it’s just like everything, super overflowing na ng lahat. The details of how he answered my prayers are just crazy kasi I never thought He would answer them in this way,” she relates, “There’s like a line there: 'Our stories are more than just a promise.' In the human or worldly perspective, we know that a lot of people give that promises are meant to be broken. But, when it's God’s promise, it’s never meant to be broken. It’s meant to be fulfilled. That’s why our stories are more than just a promise. It’s God’s promise. Fast forward to now, 2020, I found the love of my life.”

Finding meaning not only through its lyrics but also through every aspect of the song such as its cover art, Keiko shares the concept she and creative director Jason Max had to visually symbolize the song’s message as well. She discovered how the color green, as lit in the single’s cover art, represented new beginnings and growth, which was perfectly aligned with the design they had in mind. “The projector is actually Him and the light is from Him. My hand is right there kasi He’s showing me my light,” she refers to the cover art’s elements, “Being able to kinda connect every little detail that God has placed in the story of my life and the story of this single, and even the whole album, I’m just in awe of how everything makes sense and how everything connects.”

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As Keiko Necesario continues to create her art amidst the challenging season, she finds and expresses the purpose of music and OPM to be stronger than ever. “The purpose of OPM, or music in general, still stands to this day. Its purpose is to inspire people, to uplift people and to just really give people hope and meaning, and to remind people that we’re all going through the same thing. That’s why OPM artists still create. That’s why we still write. That’s why we still sing,” she adds, “I think God has bigger plans for OPM because we have great artists. Super. Filipinos? We are creative people. We love to sing. We love to create. I think that’s what God wants us to really hone.”

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