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All the Glam Empowerment Dance Feels in Art Pop Artist VERSUS’ New Single!

Gari Sy Rivera | July 13, 2020

All the Glam Empowerment Dance Feels in Art Pop Artist VERSUS’ New Single!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | July 13, 2020

Rising OPM artist VERSUS has released her latest single ‘Couture’ making us all wanna be couture too!

A young rising star at the age of 21, VERSUS is a singer-songwriter-producer who we can all identify as the Queen of the City as she introduces herself with empowering confidence, “[I’m] a queen bee who built her hive out of mud and clay and I do the same with my songs and other art forms. My queendom consists of lyrical compositions, vocal productions, and more musical arrangements.”

As a child, VERSUS shares to have always known that she has a connection to music and performance within her, bringing about her skills in writing and composing at the early age of seven. From then on, she’s strived and worked for opportunities to excel in her craft by joining singing competitions, collaborating with artists of different artforms, even studying Theatre Arts at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Not letting anyone stand between her and her dreams, VERSUS confidently expressed her will and passion whenever asked about what she wanted to do in life. “I always wanted to be a star, they just laughed at me and said, 'How can you be a star, like, a real star? How can you be a sun, how can you be a constellation?' And I said I just wanted to be a star. I just followed it. I followed that dream and that’s why I am here.” After a time of internship and performing her art with the Filipino Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (FILSCAP), VERSUS is now a signed artist at Viva Records and is pursuing her life’s goal.


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Today, VERSUS is living her passion. She continues to not let anything get to her, her purpose, and her art, not even the challenges faced as a proud transgender woman. “When you’re a transwoman in the Philippines, in a country that isn’t with out-in-the-open people, it can be really challenging to perform for a crowd that isn’t used to people with pink hair and makeup. Every negative reaction that they have about my gender, about my sex -I just eat all the insults, you know?” Instead, VERSUS uses all these as a tool of motivation in her craft. “I’m gonna stay here. I’m not here to just be a pushover. Just because I’m a transwoman, that doesn’t mean I can’t be on top or can’t stay on top. It has really affected me and my art, in a good way.”

VERSUS produces art-pop Filipino music inspired by the works of western artists Lady Gaga, Lorde, Rihanna, Björk, and Katy Perry. Though VERSUS’ genre is not as common to the sound of OPM songs that are mostly band or acoustically driven, she thrives to bring that element of musical avant-garde fused with pop self-expression and theatricality to the local music scene and we’re definitely here for it. “That’s my sound. Some of them were really welcoming. Most of them were a bit shocked because when I go to gigs, I dance. I have a thumping sound,” she relates, “I just hope that in the near future I could diversify the sound.”

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On 10 July 2020, VERSUS’ latest single ‘Couture’ was released to serve that very distinct sound that anyone can just dance to at any time of the day. Its message and vibe of vogue collectively does make one’s confidence and empowering energy come to life when played and heard, all this can be felt throughout the song and especially in its chorus’ lyrics, “I wanna be couture.”

Written in 2019, VERSUS shares that the idea of reaching your fullest capacities while wanting to do and be more, a circumstance she herself had experienced firsthand, started as the inspiration for the song. “A lot of people are gonna say 'impossible,' but when you’re alive, it’s not impossible. So that’s what Couture is about.” Relating the idea of fashion as an everchanging artform, she identifies the motivation of ever-evolving as an individual in the song as well. “Life is like couture. Art is like couture. It’s always been there but it continuously evolves. So, I want to be couture like I want to be immortal and eternal, yet ever-evolving,” she adds, “I wanna rise above the water, I wanna rise above it.”

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