Ordinary People Save Bacolod's COVID-19 Frontliners!

Ordinary People Save Bacolod's COVID-19 Frontliners!

Lory Joyce Andagan | March 24, 2020

Ordinary People Save Bacolod's COVID-19 Frontliners!

Lory Joyce Andagan
Lory Joyce Andagan | March 24, 2020

Photos by TV Patrol Negros

There is a long line of vehicles waiting for their turn to enter Bacolod City from Northern Negros after the province of Negros was put under community quarantine. Visible in the area are PNP personnel and volunteer health workers checking the temperature of everyone. With the limited number of forehead scanners, it takes a while for them to screen the sheer number of persons waiting for their turn. There is a long line of people enduring the heat of the sun to pass the border, more are still arriving. Most are wearing improvised masks due to the lack of supplies.

It is an untenable situation but in the middle of this crisis, true heroes came to help.

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Police officers and health workers were surprised by the arrival of help from individuals businesses, and organizations. The modern-day good samaritans brought food, water, vitamins, canned goods, and noodles! Some individuals distribute free food every day, morning and afternoon to help the front liners. ”Probably we can share anything nga ma boost man ang morale nila. They’ve been fighting for this for quite a time,” says Win Salinas who brought food to the area.

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In the succeeding days, more portalets and additional forehead scanners arrived. The Negros frontliners now have waiting sheds, thanks to a kind soul who donated a canopy for their use. "We are very thankful to all the people who voluntarily give support. I am really surprised that's why I am very thankful for them, we are very thankful to the group of media here in Bacolod that we have able to reach, touch other hearts and minds regarding the problem that we are facing,” says P Lt. Col. Ariel Pico, spokesperson, Bacolod City Police Office.

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Meanwhile, some hospitals in Bacolod also received free food for the health workers as a sign of saying thank you to the services that they are extending in times like this. Some organizations and foundations are also giving free masks to the hospitals to help the Bacolod front liners fighting COVID-19. As an ordinary individual, you can also take part in fighting this crisis we are facing. Simple acts of generosity can make a huge difference. How can you help?

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