Nine Years Later, This Music Video Still Reminds Us About Why We Should #ChoosePhilippines

Nine Years Later, This Music Video Still Reminds Us About Why We Should #ChoosePhilippines

Choose Philippines | June 11, 2020

Nine Years Later, This Music Video Still Reminds Us About Why We Should #ChoosePhilippines

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | June 11, 2020

COVID-19 has had such a massive impact on the way that we live and see things that most of us are still left reeling as we struggle to survive and thrive in such an unparalleled time in our nation's history. While the entire country is ravaged by an invisible, unrelenting foe, it is also a period that brings up conversations revolving around how we are being called to serve a higher purpose other than ourselves.

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As we navigate through the dark days ahead, let us remind ourselves that we have the capacity to build the Philippines up again as agents of change in our own personal capacity. There is a whole new world that's waiting for us on the other side and it all begins with a simple choice to embody the spirit of Bayanihan in our daily thoughts and deeds. 

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Patronizing all the local products and destinations that our beautiful country has to offer is an act of service that we can render our fellow countrymen who are struggling to make ends meet. We can support local farmers and fisherfolk by purchasing produce and meat harvested from the land of our birth. We encourage the growth of Philippine handicrafts by using products that have been crafted by the hands of our very own artisans throughout the country. We inject much-needed lifeblood into our bolstering industries by patronizing the goods and services offered by local businesses in our areas.

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These small acts do not seem like much but they accumulate into the very stimulus our country needs to rebuild and flourish. Our daily choices matter and it is today that we can choose to make them count where it is needed the most.

Together, the Filipino is stronger together. Together, we can survive and thrive. 

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"PILIIN MO ANG PILIPINAS" is the official theme song of Choose Philippines. Music by: Allan Dannug Arranged by: Marvin Querido Sung by: Angeline Quinto feat. Vince Bueno Produced by: Creative Communications Mangement; VP/Lyricist: Robert Labayen; Creative Acct. Head: Christina Barbin; EPs: Cidge Laxamana/ Carla Payongngayong; Directors: Paolo Ramos/ Peewee Gonzales; DOP: Jaime Proca, Ding Mendoza.

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