This Beautiful Batangas Orchard Awaits!

This Beautiful Batangas Orchard Awaits!

Gari Sy Rivera | December 05, 2019

This Beautiful Batangas Orchard Awaits!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | December 05, 2019

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Located along Brgy. Malabanan, Balete, Batangas is Marian Orchard, a beautiful Catholic pilgrimage site frequently visited by Marian devotees, but definitely open for all. The orchard is filled with various paths and spots to discover, all instagrammable as many do say! So make sure to take your time and enjoy the fresh air and tranquil environment when visiting.

Upon entering the 5-hectare orchard’s vicinity, the Sacred Heart Tower Plaza will be the first thing you see. The Sacred Heart Tower along with the stunning Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, decorated with its blooming flowers and greeneries, welcomes visitors. The chapel is open for those who might want to and take solemn time in reflection or prayer, masses take place here as well on weekends and first Fridays of every month.

Right across the Sacred Heart chapel and tower is the Two Hearts Promenade, a beautiful walk leading to the Dome of Mary Mediatrix and ruins located on the other end. Standing by the promenade’s path is the Apostle’s Row, a collection of statues depicting the image of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ.

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With the many spots to discover at the Marian Orchard, you need to hike to get to all of them peppered in the up and downhill areas of the property. But, as long as you’re up for the new experience, it shouldn’t be as tiring as it may initially seem to be. The orchard has also been made PWD-friendly with ramps provided throughout the vicinity. The different pathways here are no trouble to go through, as it showcases the aesthetic of nature at its best, such as the Garden Steps leading to the lower areas of the orchard, roofed by decorated arches of flowers and trees. If you’re looking for the ultimate Instagrammable spot, this might just be it!

To the right, midway of the steps leads to the Rosarium, a garden featuring a large rosary at its center. Surrounding the garden are prayer walls displaying a number of icons of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Visitors here may spend their time in faith and prayer, or simply stroll around to take a breath from the busy city life. The path of the floral Garden Steps can also take you to the many different pilgrim statues located all around the site’s different areas, including the Meditation Garden, the Via Crucis Garden, and Calvary Hill.

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Before ending your Marian Orchard trip, make sure to pass by the Marian Plaza to soak in the combination of astonishing nature, architecture, and artistry in a single sanctuary. The Chimes of Mary from Netherlands is placed in the middle of this plaza, ringing its bells every quarter of an hour throughout the orchard’s premises.

Planning for a quick getaway? #MakeItBatangas and drop by to see the beauty of Marian Orchard in person, take the tour with Batangas Lakelands for the complete experience! For more info, check their official website and Facebook page out.

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