Atok, Benguet is only two hours away from Baguio City.

Atok, Benguet Might Be The Coolest Spot in the Philippines!

Choose Philippines | January 06, 2020

Atok, Benguet Might Be The Coolest Spot in the Philippines!

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | January 06, 2020

Story by Micaella Ilao

On Saturday, 4 January 2020, tourists and residents in Baguio City shivered as the summer capital’s mercury plummeted to 11.4 degrees Celsius, the lowest since the start of the Amihan Season. While most people hasten to Baguio to experience this cool weather, tourists are now discovering other cooler areas in the region, literally and figuratively. One of them is Atok, Benguet, a town boasting of a temperature that is 2 degrees lower, a mere 2 hours away from the City of Pines.                                            

Sea of Clouds in Atok, Benguet
Photo by Micaella Ilao

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Atok houses the highest point of the country under the Philippine Highway System, with an elevation of 7,400 feet above sea level. From this height, the grand views are simply breathtaking. In this town, frosts start to build up in January continuing until February. When you visit the place, you need to gear up: wear proper outfits and bring everything you need to fight hypothermia.

An ice shard found in the area
Photo by Edgar Badia Jr.

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The must-visit place in the town is a three-hectare farm popularly known as the Northern Blossom. The place is blanketed with a carpet of flowers like Snapdragons, Rice Flowers, and Delphiniums. The distinct perfume of these blooms greatly helps in reducing stress. Lilac cabbage roses also provide a relaxing sight for visitors who want a respite from the busy and noisy streets of the city.                                 

Some colorful Asters in the Northern Blossom
Photo by Micaella Ilao

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Visitors can also enjoy a spectacular sunrise while sipping a cup of coffee offered by the locals.                    

Sunrise in the Northern Blossom
Photo by Albert Manangan 

Student tour guides are present to accompany visitors who want to know more about the place. The entrance fee is Php 250.00 per person.

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