Head to Atok Benguet for Your Sakura Selfie!

Head to Atok Benguet for Your Sakura Selfie!

Choose Philippines | January 21, 2020

Head to Atok Benguet for Your Sakura Selfie!

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | January 21, 2020

Story by Nathaline Daniel

Located at Barangay Paoay, Atok Benguet, Sakura Park has never failed to mesmerize eyes and invigorate feelings. Owned by the Haights family, the property is home to 35 planted white and pink Sakura Trees that usually blooms during the months of March to April.       

  Photo by Micaella Ilao

The trees were planted in 2016 as a gift from the Japanese prefecture of Kochi during the 40th anniversary of its ties with the province of Benguet. Seven other varieties of flowers, including almost 5,000 Cosmos or Dancing Flowers, were also planted to add to the colorful landscape that tourists can enjoy. “Pinangalan ng pamangkin kong si PJ kasi noong on bloom ito, tuwing mahangin, sumasayaw siya (My nephew PJ named it the 'dancing flower' because when it's windy, it dances.),” Edward Haights explained.

Photo courtesy of Micaella Ilao

Sakura Park is not just merely about beautiful scenery, blossoming flowers, and cultivated vegetables, the history of the Haights Family is what makes it more legendary. In their newly opened Resto Café, one full area was allotted for the family pictures and short stories of Haight’s roots.  

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The tourists all the way from California were able to take a sight of the place through social media and opted to spend their Three Kings in Atok. “Ang ganda po niya. Para kang nasa Japan tapos nakapaka-quiet ng place. Magandang scenery for meditation (It's very beautiful, it's like you're in Japan. It's a quiet place with good scenery for meditation),” said Mary Rose Leano, a visitor.

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Amenities include nipa huts, camping and picnic areas and comfort rooms. The entrance fee is Php 80.00 per person and Php 20.00 pesos per person for the barangay fee.

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