In Pototan, Iloilo, a Uniquely Upcycled Farm Awaits You!

In Pototan, Iloilo, a Uniquely Upcycled Farm Awaits You!

Lory Joyce Andagan | March 04, 2020

In Pototan, Iloilo, a Uniquely Upcycled Farm Awaits You!

Lory Joyce Andagan
Lory Joyce Andagan | March 04, 2020

One thing people nowadays enjoy is a place to chill and take photos. Imagine all that in a destination with spectacularly Instagrammable sceneries! That is what a farm in Iloilo offers you!

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Located in Pototan, Iloilo, Mapols Farm is a little more than an hour away from Iloilo city. The place is used to be a dumping site before it was developed into a calamansi plantation with over 400 grafted seedlings. However, due to some unfavorable weather conditions in 2014, most of the calamansi trees were destroyed, with approximately 80 survivors left. A small nipa hut was built for the caretakers, where some friends and relatives of the owners used to take pictures to post on their social media accounts. It was then gradually renovated due to the requests of the public. This led to the opening of the farm last April 2017.

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One of the attractions where people lined up to have a picture is their pugads (nests). There are four nests on the farm and the caretakers are happy to assist you to take good pictures for you. “Wala kami formal training. Sa sige-sige namon nga assist kag lantaw sa mga photographers, nakabalo man kamo kung paano magkuha sang mga pictures”, says one of the caretakers. (We do not have formal training. As we assist and watch the photographers, we learned how to take good pictures). It also became beneficial to the people in the area as it provides them employment. Some wives of the farmers are also employed in the farm café. “Si mama naga ubra diri. Ako kung wala klase naga bulig man sa ila pang dugang sa akon balon”, says one of the kids assisting in one of the nests. (My mom is working here and if I don’t have class, I am helping here to add on my allowance).

Since it is a Bali-inspired place, a giant swing is also waiting for you to try. The swing is decorated with vines and trees as your background. Another attraction on the farm is their Stairway to Heaven, where you can take pictures as if you are ascending to the sky. With some great angles and great poses, you will definitely come up with Instagram- worthy pictures!

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What makes the farm unique is they’re eco–friendly. Almost everything you see is made of recycled materials. Decorations and other fixtures are all upcycled of plastic bottles, worn-out tires, old appliances. Even pairs of unused pants were made into a flower pot! These creative reincarnations were made by farmers and caretakers of the farm.

With the power of social media, Mapols Farm became popular and is one of the most visited Instagammable places in Iloilo. For an affordable entrance fee of 20 pesos, you can enjoy the place and take a lot of pictures and happy memories to bring home!

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