5 Batangas Local Delicacies You Need to Try (and Bring Home!)

5 Batangas Local Delicacies You Need to Try (and Bring Home!)

CJ Clemente | November 16, 2018

5 Batangas Local Delicacies You Need to Try (and Bring Home!)

CJ Clemente
CJ Clemente | November 16, 2018

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Batangas is one of the most accessible places from Manila, being only 2-3 hours from the city. Its beaches have become a favorite among Manileños as they unwind by diving/snorkeling the beautiful reefs or even just lounging by the beach on their lounge chairs or tents.

But visiting a place is never truly complete without sampling their local specialties and bringing home authentic pasalubongs to friends and family.


1. Bibingka

Batangas food festival bibingka

No, it’s not the kind you crave for when you’re out for simbang-gabi. This bibingka is a different type of kakanin. Its consistency is more akin to that of suman than the usual bibingka we know that pairs well with puto-bumbong. This is made by cooking the malagkit rice over a big wok and adding brown sugar while it’s cooking.

Batangas food festival bibingka


2. Bibingkoy

Batangas bibingkoy

The bibingkoy is a variant of the Batangas bibingka. This one is made by mixing the malagkit rice with the brown sugar before baking it on the hot stone pan and putting monggo in between.


3. Butse Butse

Batangas butsebutse

While it looks like the kwek-kwek we all love to binge on in the streets, this one is a sweet treat. It’s made from camote that’s mashed, balled up, and fried to perfection. While it looks easy to make, the seller told us the process and it’s quite easier to buy it from the friendly ale instead.


4. Bibingkang Galapong

Batangas bibingka galapong

Don’t underestimate the many variations of bibingka this province has. This bibingkang galapong easily rivals creme brulee if you ask me! The creaminess of the bibingka is just something that you’ll immediately appreciate especially if you’re eating it still warm from the kiln or wherever it is they bake it.


5. Patis and Bagoong Balayan

Batangas patis bagoong

We went on a special tour and met with one of the originators of the famed maker of the patis and bagoong of Balayan, Florante Lagus, whose brand Anty’s has been around for decades. He has passed tradition and family secret to his son, Councilor Junjun Lagus.

The father and son show the group the tapayans in which they ferment the dilis and make into patis and bagoong respectively.


Batanga patis bagoong

Well, there you have it! Some of Batangas’ local favorites! No matter what you came to Batangas for, just don’t forget to bring home a little something for souvenirs. Not just to remember the trip by, but to help the locals with their livelihood as well.

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