This Town in Negros Should Be Your Next Summer Destination!

This Town in Negros Should Be Your Next Summer Destination!

Lory Joyce Andagan | March 13, 2020

This Town in Negros Should Be Your Next Summer Destination!

Lory Joyce Andagan
Lory Joyce Andagan | March 13, 2020

Summer is just around the corner so you better start planning your next getaway! A peaceful and laidback place located in the southernmost part of Negros Occidental is just waiting for you- the Municipality of Hinoba-an.

Hinoba- an is a 5-hour bus ride away from Bacolod City. Because of its location, many would not want to consider this faraway place but mind you, this municipality will let you experience serenity and tranquility, putting your mind at ease with a place that is traffic-free and unspoiled. Boasting of its long stretch of pristine beach, this municipality is perfect for your swimming activity and sunset dates!

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Hinoba-an is rich with seafood such as Blue Marlin and Tuna. The main source of income in the municipality is fishing and most of their barangays have ports where the pump boats will dock and bring their catch of the day. Wholesale sellers line with their boxes to fill with fish, ready to be delivered to Cebu and Bacolod. 

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There are many resorts where you can stay overnight in Hinoba-an. Because of its wide seashore, the place is perfect for team buildings and other occasions such as weddings and birthday parties. The main attraction in the municipality today is their Balsa (floating cottage). Made of bamboos, these floating cottages are decorated for tourists to enjoy. Unlike any other beach where you can enjoy your time in the seashore, the balsa lets you have your quality time in the sea. You can also do snorkeling around the area and eat together inside the floating cottage. The balsa is also a source of income for the locals, especially with the wives of the fishermen establishing a sari-sari store to sell snacks and some food to the tourists.

Hinoba-an is proud of its Obong Cave. In history, this is something that we should know. According to the locals, it is where the submarine of Capt. Jesus Villamor of the US Military docked during World War II. There, he established a community in the cave and gave his first radio transmission to Gen. Douglas McArthur. Apart from its historical significance, the scenery of the place is one of the best. Facing the Sulu Sea, the calmness of the water gives you a relaxing feeling just by looking at it.

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A place that is not congested, a beautiful scenery, the sound of the waves, the breeze of nature all in one place. This summer, pack up your bags and discover Hinoba-an!

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