One Day for Sky, Land, and Water Adventures? Head to Batangas!

One Day for Sky, Land, and Water Adventures? Head to Batangas!

Gari Sy Rivera | January 06, 2020

One Day for Sky, Land, and Water Adventures? Head to Batangas!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | January 06, 2020

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Batangas is much more than its beautiful beaches; not many people are aware of many other go-to spots and activities that this province has to offer. The tours, accommodations, and itineraries of Batangas Lakelands will convince you to stay and say that heaven truly is a place on earth. If a quick getaway is what you need, a getaway is what you’ll get when you visit the Lakeshore District!

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Lima Park Hotel

Your Batangas Experience starts at the Lima Park Hotel, the first and only 4-star hotel in Batangas. Located in Malvar, the 136-roomed hotel has features and facilities that’ll convince you to never leave its relaxing, fresh-aired, and luxurious vicinity. Among these are its restaurants and café, gym, poolside, and more. As tempting as it is to just stay in, don’t get settled just yet! Ride the Batangas Lakelands festive Amore Bus and start the Batangas fun.

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Sky Adventures that will take you up, up and away!

Always dreamed of flying high in a chopper? Thanks to Batangas Lakelands, you can check this off your bucket list! A helicopter ride is what’s offered for your sunny morning. The 12-minute Heli tour will take you high in mid-air across the emerald waters of Taal Lake to the majestic heights of Taal Volcano, leaving you in awe of the up-close and rare aerial views of these Batangas wonders. Batangas Lakelands also offers a sky adventure to Tagaytay Highlands if you’re left wanting more of the breathtaking aerial views.

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Beauty back down below through the Land Tours.

After the experience of new heights and lunch at Lima Park Hotel’s pan-Asian flagship restaurant Plum, you can opt to spend your early afternoon in peace and serenity at the Marian Orchard. Dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the 5-hectare pilgrimage site at the hillside community of Balete will leave you refreshed and rested amidst its blooming greens and European-esque architecture. The sanctuary is filled with serene spots, such as its Rosarium, open-air plazas, gardens, and chapels, where you can take a moment (or several) to clear your mind. Other pilgrimage and lifestyle tours offered are the Lipa tour, the Shrine of the Padre Pio tour, and more.

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Lake Cruises for a shore good time!

Your adventure continues to what might just compete with the helicopter tour as the most thrilling highlight of your trip. The Amore Bus will take you to Amore Point, a chill lakeside property, where yachts serve as your ride to cross the other side of Taal Lake. The 15-minute afternoon cruise will be one for the books, with the fresh Taal Lake wind tousling your hair while taking in the stunning views of Taal Volcano.

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You’ll reach Lakepoint Manakah at the end of the cruise, a lakeside property exclusively reached through Batangas Lakelands. The vicinity offers activities for large groups of people, such as boodle fights in nipa huts and water activities like paddle-boarding and kayaking. The short uphill climb here also brings you a whole new view of Taal Lake that is simply irresistible to fall in love with. Topping off your day in Batangas would be the sunset cruise back to Amore point, taking your breath away as you sail under the setting sun.

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Even with this jampacked day itinerary, it really isn’t as tiring, hectic, or rushed as it may seem to be. The tours and their guides are guaranteed to keep you relaxed and set for a Batangas day trip like no other. Keeping you energized throughout the day are the complimentary snacks and meals included in the tour packages, such as a steak dinner at the Lima Park Hotel Garden room.  

Planning your next trip?  #MakeItBatangas! For more info, check out their official website and Facebook page for more information. 

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