This Heli Tour Shows Batangas in a Whole New Light!

This Heli Tour Shows Batangas in a Whole New Light!

Gari Sy Rivera | January 06, 2020

This Heli Tour Shows Batangas in a Whole New Light!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | January 06, 2020

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Riding a helicopter has always been on our bucket lists, even our bakit lists just by wondering why we never find the chance to do so. Luckily, Batangas Lakelands now offers the Heli tour of your dreams! Take the opportunity and get down to Lipa-Malvar, Batangas today. From Lima Park Hotel, Batangas Lakelands active lifestyle tours will take you to the grounded helipad just a few minutes away. 

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Hold on to your hats, it gets windy! Better yet, don’t bring one or anything that’s easily blown away. The breeze turns into strong gusts of wind, stirred by the helicopter’s rotor blades as it lands. The helicopter waiting for you is the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X, the newest commercial helicopter from Bell Triton Inc., an American company involved in the aerospace industry or nearly 90 years, specializing in military and commercial helicopters, providing a highly-guaranteed safe flight for you to enjoy. When it’s time to walk up to the chopper, don’t forget to take some photos for posterity!

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Climb up the 5-seater aircraft and follow the pilot’s instructions. Precautions here are taken very seriously. Instructions and waivers are given out to riders, indicating that passengers need to be 10 years of age and above. Pregnant women and those with certain medical conditions may need to present medical clearances to fly. Buckle up your seatbelts and air-comm headphones, get ready for take-off! Flying up to the air from the Lipa-Malvar grounds is done pretty gently. What you’ll first see from mid-air are the province’s lands, houses, and buildings, slowly turning into tiny little pieces as you fly farther away. Even the view of Batangas city life is interesting to look at, it’s best to enjoy the aerial view and maybe take a few shots while you’re up there.

It doesn’t take too long until you reach Taal Lake’s border, a view of what were mostly green lands turns into an emerald and blue mixed scene of the lake’s waters by Mt. Maculot. Minutes later, you’ll be flying over the majestic perimeters of Taal Volcano, providing a breathtaking view of its structure and elements so stunning that you’ll have to agree that nature is the greatest sculptor.

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You’ll get to see Vulcan Point as well, known as the world’s largest island within a lake (called Main Crater Lake), which is within another island (Volcano Island Taal), that’s located in another lake (Taal Lake), that too, is placed within an island as well, Luzon. It may be pretty confusing, but seeing it up close from above will make it all clear just like its streaming waters.

The exclusive view is something to take in and truly enjoy, don’t waste a minute as you’re up there in the clear blue skies! The twelve-minute Heli tour shows the beauty of Batangas on a whole different level, it’s not every day that you get a close look at the clouds above the province’s calm shores and rich forests.

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The tour leads you back to its launching helipad as it ends, pulling you back to the reality of the world down below. If the adrenaline and excitement is still there by the time you land, don’t worry! Batangas Lakelands offers a Heli tour to Tagaytay Highlands as well, and that’s a whole new adventure for you to explore if you’re up for it!

Cap off the experience with a fine dining meal. Exclusive with the tour packages are complimentary steak lunches and dinners at the Lima Park Hotel’s Garden Room, provided with a relaxing view of the 4-star hotel’s lush garden.

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Ready to finally fly heli-high? Sign up for the tour with Batangas Lakelands today! For more info, check their official website and Facebook page out. #MakeItBatangas

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