How to Achieve that Carefree, Hair-free Days at the Beach Anytime of the Year

How to Achieve that Carefree, Hair-free Days at the Beach Anytime of the Year

Marie Francia | December 10, 2018

How to Achieve that Carefree, Hair-free Days at the Beach Anytime of the Year

Marie Francia
Marie Francia | December 10, 2018

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Aside from packing your stuff for that much-awaited vacay you’ve booked months ago, there are other preparations you have to deal with before you hop on that plane – especially if it’s a beach trip.


And beach trips don’t mean it’s only during the summer! Nowadays, no matter the weather, as long as we’re craving for some sun and sand, we’re hitting the ocean and no one can stop us. Agree?



Girls and other men can probably relate to this – we don’t want any unwanted hair to steal the scene while we enjoy basking under the glorious sun. Aside from the fact that it’s not pretty to look at, at least according to our social norms, it can also get annoyingly itchy.



But thanks to the ever advancing world, we’ve got plenty of options on how to get rid of those little, pesky hair strands that keep on popping out just about every bit of our body.

We all have varying preferences. Some would opt to go with laser hair removal, which is pricier while some would prefer the cheaper option, which is waxing. You just have to find which one works perfectly for you.



In our case, we’ve tried Brazilian Waxing at one of the countries most trusted waxing salon and we’ve never felt so *clean*. A whole bag of confidence comes with the procedure making us feeling all ready to sashay across the beach our hair-free, bikini-ready body.



LayBare uses a skin-friendly formula composed of honey, sugar and kalamansi – yes, it’s edible just in case you’re wondering. For the brand, they’ve always been so open in campaigning that waxing shouldn’t be traumatic anymore. It should instead promote a lifestyle that speaks of proper hygiene and how to maintain it.



Then again, aftercare waxing is just as important as the actual procedure. It doesn’t only help keep manage the growth of our body hairs, it also helps keep our skin feeling smooth and fresh especially knowing how much time we’ll spend under the harmful rays of the sun at the beach. Once we hit the comforts of the seawater, there’s no way we’re going back to our cabanas ever again – at least for the day.



We’re sure, hair waxing is every traveler’s magic potion into creating those memorable moments in the ocean. That perfect, hair-free Instagram photo is just a bonus. *wink


Philippine Island photos from Unsplash

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