Trek Your Way to a Day of Waterfall Hopping In Mount Isarog!

Trek Your Way to a Day of Waterfall Hopping In Mount Isarog!

Gari Sy Rivera | October 10, 2019

Trek Your Way to a Day of Waterfall Hopping In Mount Isarog!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | October 10, 2019

History tells of the time when Philippine Army soldiers and Bicolano guerillas found refuge in the stratovolcano. Today, Mount Isarog is the perfect place to take on the challenge of trekking, to be at one with nature and discover various kinds of waterfalls that’ll surely be the highlight of your climb!

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One of the waterfalls at Mount Isarog is Nabuntalan falls. Nabuntalan got its name from the Filipino term buntalan, meaning to quarrel or fight, named after a local tale of two boys by fighting by the fall’s lake, as explained by tour guide Manuel Antonio. 

Coming from the foot of Mount Isarog, it takes energy, strength, and 40-50 minutes to get to Nabuntalan Falls. Don’t let the initial exhaustion get in the way of arriving at your destination! What could be more rewarding than witnessing the outpour and splash of fresh Bicol water after climbing rocks and narrow, uphill forest paths?  As some say, if the journey isn’t challenging, the destination won’t be rewarding.

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Heading to the next fall in the area, you might just find the Blue Lagoon along the way. The lagoon looks as though it came straight out of a movie, where waters peacefully stream along through big rocks. The shade of the trees cover the sun’s heat just right as you cross a long log that serves as the bridge to the other side. Go barefoot, take steady steps, and don’t look down!

Around twenty-five minutes away from the Blue Lagoon and exactly 299 steps down this waterfall’s stairs is Malabsay Falls.  Twenty feet deep, this waterfall is a popular destination spot for both locals and tourists who want to swim and jump in the water, making it a spot where one can truly have fun, whether it be with your friends or on your own. 

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If a relaxing escape is what you seek, Baby Falls is where you should head. You can reach it after a fifteen-minute trek from the entrance of Mount Isarog. It might not be as grand, but the smaller waterfall is also beautiful in its own right, with its serene vibe beckoning you to stay and rest for the rest of your trip. With the cool breeze of waterfall-air and the sound of gentle waters, you’ll never want to leave.

There are many more falls and things to discover at Mount Isarog! Grab your friends (and bottles of water to stay hydrated), take a trek, and answer the call of nature!

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