Here’s a Batangas Lakeside Adventure You Probably Haven’t Experienced!

Here’s a Batangas Lakeside Adventure You Probably Haven’t Experienced!

Gari Sy Rivera | December 17, 2019

Here’s a Batangas Lakeside Adventure You Probably Haven’t Experienced!

Gari Sy Rivera
Gari Sy Rivera | December 17, 2019

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Always wondered what it would be like to cruise by Taal lake? You can actually do so with Batangas Lakelands and their exclusive tour packages, bringing you across the freshwater lake for morning and sunset cruises!

Lakeside pier Amore Point at Balete, Batangas serves as point A for the lake adventure. The dock has a beautiful view of the lake and its volcanoes, but cruising through them while on the waters will give a totally different experience. The two tour boats to hop on to are either the Lady of the Lake and the Queen Fisher, the fastest boats to hit the lake’s waters, running on three hundred horsepower when in action. Get in, buckle up, and get ready for some cruising under the Batangas sun!

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The fifteen-minute cruise is no ordinary boat ride. Not only do you get to feel the fresh breeze and see the caldera of Taal Volcano up close, but you also get to learn more information about the history and culture of the area as well provided by the tour guide throughout the travel.

The excitement may grow as you approach point B, so don’t jump off the boat just yet! The ride ends as you reach Lakepoint Manakah, an exclusive land property that only those who avail of the Batangas Lakelands tour can visit. This lakeside welcomes overnight campings, team building outings, and even day trips for family and friends. Welcoming people as they step foot on shore is its uphill boodle house where you can rest and eat at with company, and its items for water activities such as dragon boats, kayaks, and stand-up waterboards if you wanna head right back to the water!

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Up the lakeside’s steps is its wider and open field, where you can fall in love with the Taal Lake and Volcano all over again through its overlooking view. The field has numerous spots to hang out at, such as its archery field for those who want to try their bow and arrow skills out, its tropical huts where you can chill at, even dine at as they serve fresh buko juice and binalot, an authentic Filipino-styled meal of rice and ulam (viand) wrapped in banana leaves.

Not only can you enjoy the view from the nipa huts and edges of the field, but you can also do so while swinging by the swing sets hung at high tree branches, and the Lakepoint Manakah treehouse. Just when you thought the view couldn’t get any lovelier and the air even fresher, it does! The panoramic sight from above lets you see almost all of the entire Lake Taal, its beauty and its reflecting light from the setting sun.

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You’ll never want to leave as you enjoy your time at Lakepoint Manakah, but getting to cruise through the lake at sunset might just get you back on your feet. Hitting the boats once again and letting that fresh breeze flow through you under the gold and purple skies is the perfect way to end the day, leaving you in awe of the Batangas beauty surrounding you.

Up for the breathtaking Taal Lake experience? Sign up for the tour with Batangas Lakelands today! For more info, check their official website and Facebook page out. #MakeItBatangas

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