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Backpacking Sagada

Mountain Province

Ervin Malicdem
Ervin Malicdem | Feb 03, 2014
Backpacking Sagada

Contributed by Travel Insider Ervin M. of Schadow1 Expeditions

Sagada is nothing short of a paradise. A surreal town in which the climate is so unlike the usual tropical scene of the country. The dawn greets you with the scent of pine as you wait for the sunrise. A day filled with adventure from the rushing rivers, cool mountains, and slippery caves. The artistry and the culture of Filipino forefathers, and a sun worth longing for as it sets. As the night arrives, you long to rejuvenate your energy with exquisite dishes.

Every corner of this town is worth a trek. Backpacking the Philippines would not be complete if you haven't reached Sagada.

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