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A Relaxing Adventure in Balanan

Negros Oriental

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | May 02, 2013
A Relaxing Adventure in Balanan

An expansive mountain resort developed around Balanan Lake, a humerus-shaped body of water, 25 hectares in surface area, 285 meters above sea level, oriented along a northwest-southeast direction (right).

The lake encases a kilometer-long waterway ideal for water sports. Among the prominent features of the resort is a 4-kilometer circumferential pathway for trekking, a variety of pools for swimming, passenger bancas for boating, waterfalls for great photo-ops.

Balanan has an old forest of almost a hundred balete trees, atop one of which is a tree-house. An 8-room hillside hotel, Balodge, provides air-conditioned comforts with a view of the lake. Other amenities include a thatched dining pavilion and a staff house.

Balanan located in Sandulot, Siaton is 60 kilometers from Dumaguete City, or approximately 1.5 hours travel time.

For inquiries, contact the Negros Oriental Provincial Tourism at (035) 225-1825.

(photo from Negros Oriental Provincial Tourism)

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