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5 Things to Give You That Adrenaline Rush in Davao

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Apr 10, 2014
5 Things to Give You That Adrenaline Rush in Davao

Brace yourself for five heart-pumping adventures in Davao, from water fun to animal encounters.

1) White Water Rafting

It's going to be one exhilarating ride over churning rapids and rocks on the mighty Davao River. (Related article.)


2) Kapatagan Trekking

Hike to the Mt. Apo Highland Resort and savor their delicious dishes at Altitude Restaurant, or row a boat at Lake Mirror. (Related article.)


Climb to the top of the Agong House (Playground in the Skies). (Related article.)


Or do the zipline at Camp Sabros. Buy fresh Kapatagan vegetables. (Related article.)


3) Zipline at Zip City

Zip your way to a beautiful view of the hills of Davao City in this zipline at Barangay Langub. (Related article.)


4) Giant Slide at Maxima

Pure adrenaline rush as you take a slide into the deep blue waters of Davao Gulf. (Related article.)



5) Davao Crocodile Park

Witness how crocodiles live in their swamp-like environment. When you’re there during weekends, get to see a tightrope act over the crocodile cages.

Get to pet orangutans, snakes, owls, iguanas, turtles and other animals. Watch tigers take a bath, or milk them when they're still cubs.

Every day and every encounter is an adventure at this park. (Related article.)


How to Get There:

PAL and other major airlines fly daily from Manila and Cebu to Davao City.

Approximate time of travel from Manila is an hour and 50 minutes while it takes an hour from Cebu City.

Fares will vary depending on promo fares.

The Davao Crocodile Park is just 15 minutes away from the airport and is the jumping off point and booking place for all the adventures herein.

Taxi flag down rate is Php40 and jeepney rates start at Php8.

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