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The Charie Chronicles: Tacloban Day 2

Leyte, Samar,

Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | May 29, 2014
Day 2: May 21, 2014

Good morning from Cancabato Bay, Charie Villa greets the world.

“Maupay na aga from Cancabato Bay Tacloban, where you can catch danggit in the early morning.”

“'Iisa-isa pa lang! Mahina!' When I asked Manong how many danggits he has caught.”

“Charie: Bakit wala kayo huli manong e ang dami dami nila?"
”Manong: Di yan hinuhuli ko.” #TindogTacloban #ChoosePhilippines

“ I am so tempted to dip my feet."

“Manong the fisherman says: OK ang Tacloban!! Wag na kayong mag-alala."

Still at Cancabato Bay:

“You see the Tacloban cCliseum? Many perished there when the waters of Cancabato Bay rose 50 or more feet. Many houses are still standing and many are rebuilding along the shoreline even though there is a presidential decree prohibiting construction 40 meters away from shoreline. Because the residents say they have nowhere to go. #TaclobanRehab Ping Lacson arriving today to visit Tanauan, Leyte which he plans to make the ‘model’ rehab town. Ewan what that means..."

Somewhere at downtown Tacloban:

“Would you like some of my delights?" #ChoosePhilippines

At Magsaysay Boulevard, Tacloban City:

“How about buko (fresh coconut) by the bay for breakfast? 30 pesos with the wind and sun?"

“Yummy fresh and sweet, truly refreshing on a hot Samar day in summer or the other way around! 30 pesos only! Less than a US dollar geez. #ChoosePhilippines BBB Buko by the Bay for Breakfast in Tacloban."

On her way to the Leyte Park Resort Hotel:

“How about a free dip into the waters of Cancataba Bay at the UP botanical garden on a hot summer day?"

“Cotton candy clouds over Buddha while you ohmmm and pray/meditate ‘thank you’ for showing me the beauty of life ."

At the Sacred Heart Church in Tacloban City:

“Sacred Heart Church fully rehabilitated in downtown Tacloban."

Now at the Leyte Provincial Capitol Tacloban:

“Where our guys reported from during and post Haiyan but the TV patrol marker was placed there to commemorate 25 years of the newscast which featured many news events in Samar, Leyte and Tacloban." TVPatrol #news #TindogTacloban

Calvary Hill, Tacloban City:

“Hello hello you beautiful thing! I know it's gonna be a good day Tacloban."

Back at Hotel XYZ’s Q Kitchen for Lunch:

“So 180.00 PHP (4 USD) clam soup good for 4 + 250.00 PHP (6 USD) salt and pepper spare ribs also good for 4 (actually) = 10 US dollars for all these food in a very nice restaurant in Tacloban!"

“Salamat, thank you, merci French gals working for CARE emergency disaster response group, they’ll leave next week huhuhu. International aid agencies have done a tremendous job in rehab here. Until now UNICEF gives financial assistance to qualified Taclobanons! 4300 pesos a month. But they will all go soon. So Filipinos should help Filipinos. Am sure some politician will claim credit for the work done here. But it’s mostly work of the people themselves and by these NGO workers. God Bless them! #TindogLeyte #TindogTacloban"

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After lunch break, Charie goes to downtown Tacloban to check out some “tikog” before flying back to Manila.

“Woven Tikog bags (banig bags). TIKOG is a kind of grass that looks like rice longer in length, 300 pesos each from Basey, Samar. However, these are old stock because the tikog has to be planted and grown. They expect more products by September"

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After getting kinda hungry from all that “tikog” shopping, Charie grabbed some snacks. Leyte’s chocolate moron:

“Si aling Lucrecia alias ‘Lukring’ same same kami. The Moron Chocolate malagkit bigas and coco cream and tablea Lukring's Morons my fave. LOL"

“Tsokolate Tablea Moron of Lukring yummy says Melanie Bingco, ABS-CBN news reporter Tacloban #ChoosePhilppines #TindogTacloban"

Read more about the Chocolatey Moron.

Spotted buying buko!

“ They really help the locals and local economy. Taclobanons love them. Thank you for all the help signs everywhere #TindogTacloban #ChoosePhilppines NGO and foreign aid workers in Samar, Leyte and Tacloban."

For some news updates:

“Life is definitely back in Tacloban, Leyte and Samar. But some businessmen still refuse to open because they say there has been no assurance from local and national government that the looting and chaos that happened, the anarchy when Haiyan hit and the many losses they suffered, will not or at least, prevented from happening again. These are just some of the things foreign aid agencies nor NGOs can not do nor give. Charie Villa, ABS-CBN news Tacloban (flying out in a while :))"

Now it’s time for Charie to leave Tacloban:

“We call our news drivers ‘Piloto’. His name is Eric Amor (as in LOVE) and he has been driving the news teams of Tacloban for ages. He was the Piloto of TV Patrol Tacloban anchor Ranulfo Dodocan when they covered Guian, Samar November 7-8 when Haiyan hit. “If I die now, at least I know I did something good with my life,” he said in Tagalog. All he wants now is his new Ford Ranger pick up to be delivered to ABS-CBN Tacloban very very soon. #TindogLeyte"

At the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport of Tacloban:

”Php75.00 airport terminal fee. They will increase rate by June to Php100 because they will soon install ceilings LOL. #TaoPo"

”Silver chrome finished benches naman pala at Tacloban waiting area. #TaoPo"

”And you have fresh air with a view of the sky and mountain range at Tacloban airport. #TaoPo"

”Delayed flight @%^!¥£… I think I’ll have a snack at the Miga Fashion Seafood and restaurant #FunnyPinoySigns #ChoosePhilippines #ChooseHappiness."

”Or here nalang kaya. I can't find fashionable snacks / merienda at Miga Fashion LOL #FunnyPinoySigns #ChoosePhilippines #ChooseHappiness ."

”And for my last buy Ormoc Queen Pineapple Jam! #ChoosePhilippines products those small but sweetest pineapples.”

The plane has arrived!

”In your face arrival of PAL plane! What if it loses brakes? #scary”

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How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Tacloban (estimated cost Php2,700++, round trip, 1 hour 15 minutes).

All photos are found at the official Instagram account of Charie Villa, which you can find here.

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ABS-CBN Regional Network Group News Head Charie Villa is on her national tour to train ABS-CBN reporters, and the Choose Philippines team is compiling her journey in photos. Keep on visiting Choose Philippines for more Charie Chronicles .

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