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Hunting the Haunted: Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City


Mark Rodel dela Rosa
Mark Rodel dela Rosa | Jun 03, 2014

Before the property became Diplomat Hotel, it once was a seminary that shut down due to a lack of enrollees. Later on, refugees of World War II took shelter in the building, but Japanese forces bombarded the refugee camp, which resulted in severe damage on the structure. Several years passed until it was bought by a hotel company, thus the birth of Diplomat.


Urban legends have a lot of sinister stories about the hotel. Many believe that ghosts and bad spirits reside in it—ghosts of those who had died inside the building.

The Diplomat Hotel has since become a hot spot for ghost hunters and paranormal experts. It draws a lot of curious minds, especially during All Souls' Day. It's now considered one of the top haunted places in Baguio City.


When I first caught sight of the building's interior, I thought it was an abandoned medical institution because of the strange stains on its walls. It was dingy, but it didn't smell of blood or of any horrifying thing. The edifice was bare, but it felt as if something was thriving in it.

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