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Tibiao: The Heart of Eco-Tourism in the Philippines

Nomad is Beautiful
Nomad is Beautiful | Sep 02, 2014

We are not adventure junkies. Nor are we beach bums. But we do love nature a lot.

When we planned our trip to the Philippines, we thought about visiting about ten places within three weeks. We wanted to see gorgeous blue lagoons, swim with whale sharks, visit the oldest Catholic churches in the country, hike to the top of the Chocolate Hills, see the smallest monkey in the world...

The list was pretty long. But we changed our plan instantly after we arrived in Pandan in Antique province, and we decided to take it easy and to stay more with locals rather than build a “we-were-also-there” itinerary.

Lambaklad fishing in Tibiao.

Natural salt production.

After seven days in this incredibly friendly and family-like town, we moved to Tibiao, which was about 40km from Pandan.

We planned to explore the place and maybe do some trekking, but we didn't expect to enjoy three days full of new eco-adventures and meeting amazing people.

Remidios Maniba: the healer.

The only brick production in the Antique province.

Unlike Pandan, where all events and local life happens around its ‘plaza’ or the main square in the center, in Tibiao daily life concentrates mostly around the main road or along the shore. Locals socialize in front of their houses, in bamboo huts near the beach, and younger ones run along the sea or they play their favorite sport (basketball) in the court.

This place is proof that as a traveller, you don’t need a luxury destination with hundreds of tour operators with overpriced packages to relish the attractions in the area. We're not big fans of organized tours or packages at all, so we were very glad that our time in Tibiao was well-planned, but not strictly controlled.

The zipline.

The zorb.

Flord, a very helpful young man and the owner of the Fish Spa in Tibiao, suggested some activities and places that would match our interests and tickle our curiosity. We did things we never thought we'd try, and we're grateful we said ‘yes’ even to some crazy things.

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Tibiao: The Heart of Eco-Tourism in the Philippines

Ricefields in the Tuno village.

A boy climbing a rock of the falls.

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View of the Tibiao River.

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