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The Best Views, the Best Seafood, the Best Thrill: Sarap sa Sarangani!

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jan 05, 2015

From the highway, you see a ribbon of white crisscrossing a hill.  That’s where you’re headed -- the Sarangani Paragliding Viewdeck and Tent City. The best time is at dusk on a 4x4 vehicle.

You get a sweeping view of the canyon and ridges of General Santos City and Sarangani as the sun sets in, cloaking everything in orange and gold.

As the vehicle struggles for traction on the rocky hill, you just want to go down and capture it all on your camera.  And I did just that -- asking Sir Germs, our host and driver, to stop on a level area.

But it was just a glimpse of things to come, the panoramic view of Sarangani Bay all calm and serene as the sun set.

You'll also be waking up to this same glorious view the morning after.

But I’m getting ahead of the story.

When you stay the night at the Tent City, you can have a buffet of grilled tuna panga (jaw), kinilaw, grilled fish, and squid.

A roaring bonfire would stave off the cold as you settle in for the night comfortably cocooned in your tents.

When morning comes, the gentle hues of orange, pink, and yellow wake you up.  

Mt. Matutum is engulfed in clouds but makes its appearance as fleeting as she is.

The bay comes alive with activity as the sun rises over its horizon.

This view to a thrill eggs on the excitement of finally being able to fly on machineless wings -- the paraglide.

So you say a prayer, run off the cliff, and keep your eyes on the horizon and grow wings.

At the Paragliding Viewdeck and Tent City, you get a spectacular view to a thrill.

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How to Get There:

PAL and other major airlines fly daily to General Santos City.

Contact the Paragliding Viewdeck and Tent City at 0927-820-4297 to book your 4x4 ride to the site and the Sarangani Paraglide.

Address: Paragliding Viewdeck and Tent City at the Fly Site, SAFI Ranch 1, Sitio Seguil, Brgy. Tinoto, Sarangani Province.

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