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Miguel Mercado | Jun 13, 2013

My job in a multinational advertising agency landed me roles that got me assigned to Thailand and Malaysia from 2000 to 2008.

I had decided to take my kids to lots of adventures as a way to embrace the joys of life since we had gone through very tough times during their early childhood. After a 3-year bout with cancer, I had lost my dear wife Aimee to cancer in November 2002. We were already living in Thailand then.

It had been long struggle with numerous trips to the hospital that seemed to put a pause on the joys of childhood for my kids. In her deathbed, Aimee made me promise that I would keep my childlike zest for adventure despite her eventual departure. So when Aimee had passed I had decided to show my kids how to discover the world and have fun in a carefree, inexpensive way. Thus our adventures had started.

The rules were simple, go to undiscovered places where the journey, the company and the destination would be as much fun. Listening to other expatriates who seemed to know about secret destination that do not have tourist traps was the way to go. This led adventures in to see the Irrawadi Dolphins in a river 30 minutes from Bangkok, an ATV adventure into the a waterfall in the middle of a forest just 20 minutes from KL were among the numerous places.

In 2008, I had decided to move my family back to the Philippines as I wanted my kids to be in touch with their roots and I wanted a better environment to raise my would be teenagers. It was also then that we started to rediscover our adventures in the Philippines.

I borrowed the title Camperado from my kids, nephews and nieces. Camperado is a term they had come up with to refer to Camp Mercado, an annual camp for our children at Forest Club. I think the title suits our adventures as well. Enjoy reading about our adventures!

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