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Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | Jun 13, 2013

One of the best sports and recreational activities that can be enjoyed in an archipelago such as the Philippines, kayaking is as competitive as it is enjoyable. Kayaking can give the participant a rush of adrenaline once paddling through the rough waves while aiming to be the first in the race, or it can also give a sense of oneness with the nature as a kayaker easy paddle through a gentle sea. With the country’s natural seascape and beautiful forms of water, this activity can easily be part of a Filipino’s lifestyle.

Kayak Philippines, the organizer of the Philippine Kayak Series, aims to popularize kayaking in the country. Kayaking is not only a fun activity while on the beach but also an environmental and user friendly sport for all ages. All you need in kayaking is a canoe or a kayak and a paddle. Most beach resorts offer kayak in their amenities.

As part of the Philippine Kayaking Series’ objective to popularize kayaking and at the same time enlighten participants of environmental issues that plagues society today, a beach cleanup campaign and mangrove planting were part of the itinerary of the participants after the competitions. The participants were grouped in 4 teams and were tasked to collect trash, plant mangrove trees and cleanup with their kayaks in tow. This activity made the event extra special for it enlightened the kayakers of the environment, the sea, and the land that they always have to treasure and take care of.

A Galunggong Fiesta wrapped up the event, this time to celebrate the people of Bataan who were so welcoming to the group. Different kinds of dishes, all made from Galunggong (a local fish popular and a main source of income for the fishermen in Bataan) were prepared by wives of fishermen from Brgy. Sabang, Bataan. From Kinilaw to Kalderetang Galunggong, this yummy feast was the perfect closure to a perfect kayaking weekend.

Additional information on Kayaking:

• The Philippine Kayaking Series is open to everyone, even to beginners. There’s a Sports Clinic during the event where basic paddling, water drills and the basics of kayaking are presented.

• If you want to try kayaking, most resorts provide amenities for such sport. Best to call ahead for availability of the sports equipment. Recommended beach resort for Kayaking: The Lighthouse Marina Resort, Subic Bay. To contact: or the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club. To contact:

• For more information on the Philippine Kayaking Series and Kayak Philippines: Like the [Kayak Philippines Facebook Page] ( or go to the Kayak Philippines website

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