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5 Ways to Fun: Beach, Falls, and Spice in Cateel

Davao Oriental

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | May 22, 2015
5 Ways to Fun: Beach, Falls, and Spice in Cateel

Cateel, Davao Oriental may have been devastated by Typhoon Pablo but it cannot hide the treasures it keeps.  

1) Cateel’s Beaches by the Roadside

You can find a stretch of white creamy sand on the road to Baganga. A paradise devoid of the crowd, you can have the beach all to yourself or frolic with the crashing of the waves on the shore.

2) The Pablo Memorial

A marker erected to honor the victims of the 2012 tragedy, the Pablo Memorial is a place where your emotions can be torn. It portrays the strength and resiliency of the Cateeleños. After crying for their loss, they are determined to see things through.

The Memorial has now become a park where locals and tourists can rest.

3) Aliwagwag Falls

Much like the Pablo Memorial, the Aliwagwag Falls is another symbol of the Cateeleños' spirit and character—stil beautiful even after the storm. The falls has 130 tiers spread over 20 meters in width and is 1,110 feet tall. It also features a monkey walk, a zipline, and a park.

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4) Seafood and other Food Galore

With the abundance of lobsters and prawns in Cateel's seas, it is no surprise that they take pride in seafood dishes.

5) The Dumang or the Chili Powder

After their crops were destroyed by Pablo, cultivating chili pepper plants became an alternative means of livelihood for Cateeleños.

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These are just five must-dos.  Go and discover Cateel!


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