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Sipalay: A Long Road to Paradise

Negros Occidental,

Thor Padinas
Thor Padinas | Sep 10, 2015
Sipalay:  A Long Road to Paradise

Sipalay City, Negros Occidental
September 04, 2015

A long road to paradise. Sipalay is a far flung town known for its natural beauty. It's a long weekend for me, so I've decided to pack my bag and hit the road to visit PARADISE!


Day 1:

Getting to Perth Paradise Resort Sipalay:

There are no direct bus to Sipalay. From Cebu South Bus terminal take via Bacolod route and ask the bus assistant to drop you in Kabankalan. Estimated travel time is about 6 hour. Fare rate AC bus 500php that  includes the barge fee to Sibulan Port. Then from Kabankalan Terminal take a bus to Sipalay for an estimated travel time of 2 hour for a fare rate of 105php. Tell the driver to drop you in Sipalay Centro. From Centro take a trike (100php fare) to Perth Paradise about 3 kilometers smooth road and 1 kilometer rough road.Since this is not yet fully developed you will pass by rocky roads so expect a bumpy trip. As they say, experiencing heavenly bliss will never be an easy ride. You can contact Kuya Dado (09217865615). He is known for being honest driver charging you with justifiable rate.

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Perth's Cabana

Since I was traveling alone decided to take the cheapest Cabana for PhP 1000 rate which is actually good for 2 persons. Imagine yourself waking up with lagoons, calm sea water and crickets sound. Such an awesome spot giving you refreshing sensation.

Upon arriving excitedly asked Honey (one of the staff) about the infinity pool. She pointed the 125 tiring to climb steps. Imagine me walking the stairways from that long travel without sleep. But I didn't complain. Just in time for sunset! Yes the view left me speechless and breathless ( not over describing though) I have this entire pool for myself as Honey confirmed I was the only one who booked for that day. This is a good spot for picture taking, the islets as background. All you can hear are the chirping birds as Mr. Sun bids goodbye for the day and that reminded me that I also need to catch some sleep.


Day 2:

Woke up early for an early swim. The weather didn't cooperate though since it was drizzling, but rain can't stop me. After my morning coffee decided to dive and swim under the rain. Isn't it cool!? The serenity and tranquility of the place was just so perfect! After an early morning swim in the pool, had my breakfast shall I say "seafood breakfast". Perth has its own resto that offers wide range of seafood meals at a fair rate 160-200php. 

Just right after my sumptuous breakfast, prepared myself  for check out and moved to Loretto's Lodge located at the city proper. (Tip: Make sure to get the number of the driver to fetch you back in Perth, since the transpo going back to city proper is a challenge.) The lodge cost you 500php per night. It is an air conditioned room with own bathroom and veranda. Ate Luz the owner, was so accommodating and proudly suggested places to visit. And yes she also confirmed that I was the only one booked for that day. This travel is literally "solo".

Around 12:00 noon I contacted Kuya Dado to explore Sipalay. We first visited Tinagong Dagat with 30php entrance fee. This place is known for its foot bridges that connected the islet together. They call it a hidden sea sprinkled with a dozen of islet covered with green trees and sea grass beds. Kuya Dado asked me if I'm up for a climb without hesitation I said yes. After crossing the foot bridges and trekked the hills got a best spot to view the connecting islets. 

After sweating it out at the foothills and exhausting great time up there, we then drove our way to Punta Ballo Beach (no entrance fee). It's around 30 minutes ride from city proper. They call the place as an extension of Sugar Beach because of the brown sugar like sand. The scenery was spectacular. The water was still and very clear. I was trying to imagine how this would look like if the sand was white. I walked around the beach and found a hammock, decided to sit and took a moment of chill. 

After some snaps, we drove back to the city and had my late lunch at the famous Chicken Ati-atihan. For a rate of 85php chicken barbeque and unlimited rice, that was a good lunch.

While eating, I asked the waiter where's the best spot for sunset? She told me that I can walk for 10mins from the proper to their public baywalk. To be honest, upon hearing the word "public" I was hesitant to check since most of the public bays are crowded. But I was wrong.  

Went at the bay around 4:00pm and patiently waiting for Mr. Sun to set. While waiting I walked the beach to the southern end and saw a lot of kids playing. Was trying to be a good samaritan bought some fish balls and isaw and shared it with them while enjoying the Boracay like sunset.  And the reminds me how beautiful the simple life in the province. 

Around 6:00pm I started my walk back to the city proper and had my dinner at Pakals near Ceres bus terminal. For only 60php meal I had buttered shrimp, crab meat with free soup for dinner (yes seafood again). After my dinner went back to the lodge to rest and prepare for an early trip the next day.

Traveling back home. There's one direct trip to Cebu from Sipalay via Dumaguete route for 8 hour travel. Ride a Ceres bus that leaves 5:15AM in Sipalay for 555php fare rate (barge fee from Sibulan to Liloan port included). Since I still have my energy told the driver to drop me in Dumaguete instead to meet a friend.

To sum up my Sipalay trip, here's a quote from the Long Road to Paradise clip: "A cat reflects on his life as he takes a long trip that he believes is back to the shelter where they found them." It was a long yet trip yet everything is worth it. If you relish the sand and the sea without the noise and the socials of crowded beaches, Sipalay is for you. A perfect place to unwind and recharge. I honestly don't know how to end this blog, all I know Sipalay is no doubt another best offering of the Visayas to world. 

The destinations and sights may have been wonderful, but travelling solo has proven to be so much more about me. It has been about being able to embrace whatever life chose to throw my way.


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