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Canyoneering in Cebu: An Adventurous Jump From A 65-Foot Waterfall


Thor Padinas
Thor Padinas | Sep 10, 2015

Canyoneering, Kawasan, Cebu 
August 29, 2015

While writing this blog, I'm still amazed everytime I browse my photos of my canyoneering experienced at Badian, hardly believing I’ve been there and made it. This extreme outdoor activity requires a great deal of trekking, climbing, diving and swimming in order to successfully traverse a canyon. While  checking blogs, I was under the impression that canyoneering is only for extreme adventurers, I guess was encapsulated with fear and other dilemma that anything can happen along the way however at the end of the trip this experience has made me realize that I can be brave, fearless and adventurous.


This trip is a little bit expensive, but not in my case. I'm just lucky to have a friend who lives in the area who toured me around for free (package rate will be around 1300-1500 per person, minimum of 5 pax).

Up and we go! From Oslob my friend drove his motorbike for an hour to Badian. We arrived around 6:00 am and rented gears for safety reason. One must have the following safety gears: vest, helmet, dry bag and shoes for trekking. There are stalls offering all of these gears. I paid for PhP 300 for the rental of these gears. Thanks to Ate Ivy and my haggling skill. You can contact her at 09268390024 for queries. 


All set for adventure! There are two ways of canyoneering in Matutinao river, you can either do it upstream which traverses Kawasan Falls going against the current up to the rivers of Alegria or go downstream that commences from Kanlaob river in Alegria until you reach Kawasan Falls. For a beginner like me I opted to go downstream. From Badian highway it took us 20 minutes drive to Barangay Kanlaob where the jump-off area is located. You need to pay PhP 20 for the entrance fee. 

Before we started the trek, my friend told me about the do's and don'ts of canyoneering. Just right after the said briefing we then started to walk. After 10 minutes, I can already hear the sound of the flowing water from the river. Adrenaline rush on!

The first jump! There's  no other way to enter the canyon but to jump from 20-foot high waterfall and landing on a deep cold river. My firend told me that there's an easier way to start without having to jump but I guess it’s not gonna be as exciting as it is if I didn't try it. Woot like a pro!

Upon walking you will be amazed with the lagoon and gorgeous canyons with those trailing roots and vines. One of the challenges in taking the downstream route is you need to balance and brace yourself to avoid being swept off your feet. Out of my clumsiness, I fell, good thing I wore safety gears. The rocks were quite slippery, and many parts of the river were obscured by foam or sediment. So one must be careful.

As we continue to walk, you'll see massive stalactites and amazing rock formation. Going downstream is not all about diving and swimming, you also had to scramble down and crawl under massive boulders and across slippery bamboo path.

After that fearless first jump,I realized that I  can definitely face and get over with my fear. My fear turns to excitement, I even forgot how many times I had to jump on that day, although nothing beats the experience of doing it for the first time. 

You can also see some natural small pools along the trek where you can relax and just enjoy the picturesque view. After all the fall, diving, trekking, and swimming, I just let the current carry me to the end of the canyon. 


Ready for the next leg! Here you need to trek across big rocks and muddy trails to Station 3  in Kawasan. After few minutes of swimming and enjoying the fresh and cold water at the 3rd waterfall we started to trek again until we reached the 2nd waterfall.

The Jump of my life! You have two options for the last leg. You can choose to trek down or jump from the top of the second waterfall. I don't know what came in to mind and chose the latter option. Let me start off by coming clean on my fear of heights, conquering this fear is indeed more fulfilling. Yes I did jump from 65-foot high waterfall. It requires a lot of courage to take that jump and endiure the bruises you might acquire from this memorable jump. Don't think about it just JUMP! 

After the two and a half hour of trekking, swimming and jumping, we finally had time to rest while enjoying the fresh buko juice, just what I needed after that long trek. 

Trekking, swimming, and wallowing through the canyon was all worth it. It was great moment surrendering back to nature. At some point in our life we became afraid and we let our fear stop us. Just remember if it scares you it might be a good thing. The bravado to be free, embracing and letting go of your fear.

Please check my video jumping from the 65 ft. tall waterfall here:

The Jump!

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