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Philippine Cities Best Traveled on Foot (Part 1): Walk in the Chilly Weather


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Choose Philippines | Sep 15, 2015
Philippine Cities Best Traveled on Foot (Part 1): Walk in the Chilly Weather

Metro Manila commuters always dread the combination of payday, rush hour, Friday, and heavy rains. Add another case of MRT breakdown and you have one of the worst traffic jams in EDSA. It's so bad that the number of hours you spend on the road could have just been spent going to any Philippine paradise outside the city.

With the high volume of cars plying our streets, the best alternative to minimize traffic is to travel on foot. Of course, you wouldn't want to walk in the polluted roads of EDSA so here are a couple of the Philippine cities that should be visited in your trusty pair of shoes.


1) Baguio

The perfect place for a charming weekend getaway, Baguio in Northern Luzon has become a personal favorite despite the long bus ride from Manila. Going on a food trip at the new restaurants, strolling at the parks, doing selfies at "pang-turista" destinations, and even just staying in for some R&R in this fog-laden city up the mountains never gets old.

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Declared as one of the Top 25 Destinations in Asia by TripAdvisor during the 2011 Travelers' Choice Awards, the Summer Capital of the Philippines has a lot of things to offer. Hot spots are placed close to each other so walking is preferred. (Note: Baguio City sometimes experience heavy traffic jams especially in December so prepare for some walkathon.)

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2) Tagaytay

Overlooking the iconic Taal Volcano and perched on the mountain ridges is Tagaytay City, the country's second summer capital located in the province of Cavite. Only a couple of hours from Manila, it has become a popular destination for weekend getaways especially for those days when the heat is just too much to handle.


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What other Philippine cities should we check out by foot? Share it with us!

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