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Anawangin: A Secret Spot for Surfing


Ryan Real
Ryan Real | Oct 05, 2015

When you hear the word Anawangin, one would definitely think of the island's relaxing beach with the towering Agoho trees within the cove. It is also known for being a good campsite. For those who enjoy the trails, Mt. Pundaquit range will also lead you to the cove as it is one of your options on getting there. But aside from those activities, one can also enjoy the riding waves of Anawangin as they peel.

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Surfing is also a popular activity in Zambales. Intermediate to advanced level surfers will surely enjoy the waves of Anawangin as it is also a reef break which makes it more fun (or maybe a bit scary).

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There are a lot of friendly locals specially in Pundaquit that can take you to Anawangin on a boat ride. They also offer surf lessons and they will surely get you stoked. Malong Surf School and Board Rentals, which is owned and operated by a Pundaquit local is one of the few that offers surf lessons, board rentals and other surf stuff. Waves are best during the south swell (2nd to 3rd quarter of the year).

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Photos above are locals of Pundaquit enjoying the spot in Anawangin.

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