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How a Solo Backpacker Conquered the Town Named "General Luna"


Thor Padinas
Thor Padinas | Oct 19, 2015

General Luna, Siargao
July 31, 2015

After hearing stories, reading travel blogs, and watching videos of Siargao, I've become a fan of the island paradise. 


Hello, Sayak! I went on a solo adventure has again-- and this time, I explored the tear-drop shaped island of Siargao. The van was waiting and drove me directly to Paglaom Hostel. In my 5 days of stay here, I was able to meet a lot of well traveled souls. Inspired with their bravery in going overseas, away from their friends and families. Blending in with people who have different culture, facing challenges and dealing with strangers. It awakened the gypsy soul in me.


Your stay in Siargao won't be complete without riding on the giant waves. Wow, and it happened at last! Surfing has always been on my bucket list. Just this month I experienced the ride that I thought my patience can never endure, but I was wrong. I never get exhausted. The most popular surf site in Siargao is Cloud 9, located north of the town of General Luna. Here you can pay PhP 500 for an hour surf with instructor. 


After the debriefing, I'm up to catch my first wave. It amazed me that I was able to stand on my surfing board during the first hour of in the water-- it's something I never expected to do. There’s no doubt that surfing can bring up fear in most people and yet taking the plunge yields rewards in and out of the water. All we need is willingness to challenge ourself. After a few successful sessions in the water, it became my daily routine to visit Cloud 9 to surf while staying in the island.

Aside from surfing most of the time, I drove my bike around the island, talked to locals and enjoyed spending time alone. It's good to take a break from the ocean and just drive around. There are beautiful places to bike around that offer amazing views of the Pacific ocean.

Most of the traveler coming to Siargao are there for surfing and did not really care about the beach. The island has a lot of nature attractions and offers some beautiful beach scenery too. You can rent a boat and hop the 3 islands, namely: Guyam, Naked Island and Daku Island. 

You can also check Magpupungko and Tidal Pools. Just an hour and a half from General Luna, Magpupungko Beach is a small stretch of sand beach with a perfect spot of sunrise. It is not the usual beach; you can see amazing rock formations and tidal pools that are created by nature itself. During low tide some parts on the shore turn into a sea water pool.

Of the many things I have acquired in Siargao, what stands out the most are two things: first, the truest joy are found in the simplest things and, second, the truest people I have come to meet, people who genuinely want to enjoy the island. Right here I found paradise.

Traveling solo to a new place delivers such unexpected twists and turns — some wonderful and some downright shitty. You miss a flight, you get on the wrong bus and you end up walking on the wrong "barangay." You have to be prepared to just roll with it.Such experiences will teach you the importance of patience, of smiling, of sucking it up and remembering the world does not revolve around me. It also taught me to be a good person while on the road and even in real life.


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