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Would You Swim With Jellyfish in Sohoton?

Surigao del Norte

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Feb 19, 2016
Would You Swim With Jellyfish in Sohoton?

There are two places I know of in the world that has lagoons of stingless jellyfish where you can swim in:  one is in Palau and the other is in Sohoton, Bucas Grande, Surigao del Norte.

Bucas Grande is 128 square kilometers of emerald lagoons, lush forests, caves, lakes, and coral gardens.

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Tucked in one of the lagoons is a sanctuary for jellyfish.  The spawning of jellyfish happens from March to May, a period when they reproduce their kinds rapidly. Because jellyfish easily populate, expect a spillage of jellyfish from one lagoon to another lagoon come July to August, this natural phenomena is called grandeur. .

Visitors are advised not to put in any sunscreen or sunblock because the jellyfish are sensitive to chemicals.  Scooping them out of the water is also a no-no as they get dehydrated easily and die.

Members of the Island Hopping Adventures Philippines (iHAP) took on the challenge of swimming into the lagoon and encountered two species of jellyfish: the brown-spotted jelly or more commonly known as lagoon jelly (Mastigias papua)  and the blue Moon jelly (Aurelia aurita).

During the time we dived in the lagoon, only a few number of jellyfish can be seen but the experience of being able to touch them is priceless.

One can have the same encounter with the jellyfish at PhP 100/head.After your jellyfish encounter, you might want to explore one of Bucas Grande’s lakes, Tiktikan.

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How to get there:

Major airlines fly to Surigao City and Butuan City from Manila and Cebu.

From Surigao City, Siargao is 2 hours away by boat. Boat fare is Php200/head to Dapa in Siargao. Van rental around the island is Php4,000/day.

From General Luna in Siargao to Sohoton: Php4,800 for a maximum of 15 people/boat.

Travel time from General Luna to Sohoton is 2 ½ to 3 hours.

Alternate Route from Davao City to Sohoton: Ride the bus to Placer, Surigao City (Php700). Ride the boat from Hayang Gabon in Placer to Sohoton (Php 110-120) Sohoton Tour boat from Hayang Gabon (Php2,500/day for a maximum of 10 heads)

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