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7 Useful Information When Journeying Up North

Meyn Stay
Meyn Stay | Feb 11, 2016
7 Useful Information When Journeying Up North

Most of us just travel up north without really knowing where we are going or passing through. This list serves as a useful guide for everyone who doesn't quite understand much about the North Luzon Expressway.     



Like most traffic apps that has been released, NLIGTAS takes the good notes of what they really are used for: updates. NLIGTAS delivers real time information regarding specific traffic conditions on NLEX. It uses non-intrusive road sensors embedded on the pavements of the road to detect the actual speed of vehicles journeying through the express way.
It also includes toll rates for each origin and destination, best of all its free. Check it out!


Nligtas App
Nligtas App


2. Emergency Phones

All along the expressway there are emergency orange phone booths located randomly at the sides. These service phones connect directly to the control center of NLEX and you can request any kind of help or assistance while travelling. For any emergency, it is strongly advised to use these over cellphones since they can locate your position by the booth instead of giving directions from your mobile phone. They can reach your destination at least 20 minutes after your call. 


3. NLEX on Twitter

If the app is not for you or if you are finding it difficult to use, check the NLEX twitter for newsfeed about the situation there. Traffic updates and important information, like road blocks, closed tolls and such are announced here and you can be sure to travel light and easy. 

nlex twitter


4. Vehicle Speed Limit

Vehicle speed limits vary in NLEX. For cars and jeeps, or what they call class 1 cars, standard maximum speed limit is 100km/h. For 2nd class vehicles and up, trucks buses and such, the standard maximum speed limit is 80km/h. The minimum speed limit for any car is 60km/h. 

5. Speedgun

If you have ever wondered why you have been asked to slow down for speeding while other cars weren't (or vice versa), then it might be because of their speed gun. Currently their speed guns only track a specified lane and which of the lanes are tracked is ever changing. It depends on the people handling it at that time. Since this does not cover the whole expressway, NLEX is looking to actually purchase and install a new speed gun that monitors all of the lanes. So if you're a speedster better slow down lest you want to be caught over speeding. 


6. Control Center

A base of operations houses all the ins and outs of traffic, emergency and other updates that goes on in NLEX. Currently, the control center fully operates on the daily routines of NLEX and slowly adopting the system that will be managing SCTEX as well. 

7. Orange cones do not always mean accidents

More often than not, NLEX clears the road for debris, soothe and other trash. They conduct regular cleaning of the roads--brushing and scrubbing if need be. They also repair damage roads, pavement and other irregularities. This makes for a clean, clear and smooth travel for us journeying up north.

control room nlex

Remember these useful tips as you embark on the most thrilling adventures in Northern Luzon! What should be your next stop? Choose from our list below! 

(Photos by: Rafael Reynante, Martin San Diego, NLEX)

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