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5 Adventurous Ways To Celebrate the Passion of Christ

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Choose Philippines | Mar 18, 2016

A lot of the youth nowadays avoid doing Visita Iglesia, primarily because they would rather spend their free time to go on vacation, instead of going to a quiet and uneventful church. However, Visita Iglesia doesn't have to mean a boring trip; take a trip on the adventurous side with these awesome religious sites worth visiting! Boredom-free, guaranteed!

Daraga Church, Legazpi is situated in one of the most beautiful, but most underrated provinces in the Philippines. However, its rich history and extensive Spanish influence have created a very idyllic and quiet place to celebrate your Visita Iglesia in. Afterwards, you can always visit the Mayon Volcano and maybe try the world-famous sili dishes of Bicol! From Anneng Anneng.

Silang Church, Cebu has been described to be one of the most beautiful and ornately designed churches in Asia. One look at it, and it's easy to see why it's called as such. Afterwards, visit the numerous beaches and beautiful waterfalls that dot the region, and maybe treat yourself to the best mangoes in the world! From Anneng Anneng.

Tatlong Krus, Paete, Laguna is a more unorthodox means of worship; instead of a church, what you find in Paete, Laguna is a monument to the three martyrs that were crucified during the time of Jesus Christ. It's best traveled via bus, but if you're more intrepid, it's better traveled via bike. From Robert Catapang.

St. Therese Chapel, Subic Bay may look like a simple chapel when viewed from outside, but inside is a life-sized statue that truly offers a very strong statement: an indigenous Filipino portrayed as St. Gabriel the Archangel, trampling a demon. Where angels are mostly portrayed in a eurocentric manner, this monument proves and validates the mission of the Catholic Church to offer salvation to all humans, and not just to those without color. From Rafael Reynante.

St. Peter's Cathedral, Tuguegarao, Cagayan is special because of the bright red façade; even from afar, you can easily see it. Plus, the arduous journey going to Cagayan way up in the North is already fun in itself, with all the notable destinations you can visit along the way. From Xyvelster Mari Meman Macababbad.

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