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Summer sa Samar: Tandaya Trail's Ulot River Whitewater Rafting Experience


Mark Lim | Mar 29, 2016
Summer sa Samar: Tandaya Trail's Ulot River Whitewater Rafting Experience

Samar is considered to be a sanctuary for some of Philippines' most endangered species of animals, but did you know that this place has a lot to offer for the adrenaline junkies? From fresh, clear waters to head-turning boat adventures, start packing up your #travelessentials and marvel as you stroll around nature's untouched beauty.

Far from the bustling city life, Samar is one place you need to visit if you want to start your day with an extreme adventure and end it with calm sightseeing. Waterfalls, rivers and caves: all these under one trail.

First stop: TORPEDO Boat Adventure

While most of us are up for the challenge, one must know that the TORPEDO Extreme Boat Adventure is something to look forward to on your itinerary. For one, it is a 1-hour whitewater rafting experience. The adventure begins in Sitio Camp Uno in Barangay Tenani, Paranas, Samar where you will get to meet the nicest boatmen in town. Life vests and headgears will also be lent to the tourists for precautionary measures.

Along the way, you'll get to see waterfalls, endemic species of birds and the lush greenery of Samar Island Natural Park or simply SINP. The jump-off area is called the Deni's Point. Here, you can swim and trek along huge rock formations.

Note: Make sure to have your gadgets protected by placing them in plastic bags. But don't forget to have one with a waterproof case as you don't want to miss out flaunting them on Facebook or Instagram. Yep, in case you want to know, the official hashtag is #SparkSamar.

The TORPEDO Extreme Boat Adventure costs P1, 825.00. Lunch is also available at 200/pax. If you want to stay in the area for a night, head on over to Villa Escober Cold Spring Resort. Indulge yourself in a night swimming sesh. Hotel accommodation price starts at P2, 000.00 and it comes with a free breakfast. The hotel itself will leave you in awe so might as well check-in.

For local guides and information, you may contact Danilo Miralles at 09297793518 or Eugene Igdalino at 09483401458.

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