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8 Exotic Destinations in Abra for Adventurers


Edmar Guquib
Edmar Guquib | Jul 22, 2013

Abra is a landlocked province in Northern Luzon still hiding from the call of tourism. Since it's not a highly visited destination, many people have no idea what this province has to offer. This case makes Abra exotic and full of surprises.

The following are some of the many exotic destinations in Abra that will surely attract serious extreme adventurers and curious thrill seekers.

1) Tubo, Abra

Kawayan Rice Terraces in Alangtin

Tubo retains its unspoiled beauty because of its remoteness. It boasts of stunning landscapes, rarely photographed rice terraces, beautiful waterfalls, hot springs, and caves.

The town is a 4 to 5-hour ride from the capital town of Bangued and can only be reached using high-clearance vehicles, trucks, jeepneys (with extreme toploading), motorcycles designed for rough roads, and definitely not your sports car.

Before reaching Tubo, you have to cross a river three times (two times using motorized balsa and once via the manually-operated one).

2) Pidigan, Abra

Motorbike Adventures to Naguirayan

The town is way more accessible compared to Tubo. The town folks of Pidigan claim that it's the hometown of Gabriela Silang, the brave Ilocana freedom fighter and wife of Diego Silang.

But if you want an extreme adventure in Pidigan, ride on a motorbike through the dusty road of Brgy. Naguirayan and reach the dead end. From there, the destination will offer you a breathtaking view of the Abra River with a wide grassland dominated by livestock, a la Marlboro Country.

To reach the Abra River via Naguirayan, the best way is to go to the poblacion and ask directions from the locals.

3) Licuan-Baay, Abra

Panaclisan Falls in Nalbuan

The town of Licuan-Baay is a town of gold. Its bald mountains are rich with gold mines extracted by the locals though small-scale mining operations.

The town is subdivided into two major areas, namely Licuan and Baay. The Baay side of the town has rough trails that will lead you to a valley.

Sitio Panaclisan in Baay is home to the Panaclisan Falls. It can be reached through a 20 to 30-minute trek from the jump-off point. It's a favorite picnic area of the locals. Reaching the inner areas of Baay requires endurance and patience.

4) San Quintin, Abra

Cruising the Abra River

San Quintin is Abra's mystical town. Here you can find the footprint of a mythical giant believed to be the first inhabitant of the young Earth.

The mythical giant footprint is located in Brgy. Cabaruyan and can be reached through an arranged cruise of the Abra River with your guide.

5) Manabo, Abra

The beautiful young ladies of Ammutan Tribe

The town of Manabo is considered to be the province's rice bowl. The town is the dwelling place of an Itneg sub-tribe called the Ammutan tribe.

During the town's fiesta, members of the tribe gather in Catacdegan Elementary School to showcase their colorful costumes and exotic culture.

A big food party is also prepared showcasing their exotic food such as the palileng (river fish abundant in Abra rivers), alingo (wild boars), edible ferns, and native pigs.

6) Daguioman, Abra

Young men of the Banaw Tribe dancing "Tadek"

Experience the exotic culture of Abra during Daguioman's town fiesta. The town is the home of a group of people called the Banaw (or Banao) tribe.

Witness the male tribal elders playing gansa (gongs) as the younger generation performs their traditional Itneg dance tadek while wearing their tribal costumes.

Also, try to spot some of the old women of the tribe still wearing turbans and batek (beads) worn as necklace.

7) Bucloc, Abra

Rice terraces along the way to Bucloc

The town of Bucloc is located on a scenic river valley with thrilling rough roads lined with low-rise Abra rice terraces.

8) Luba, Abra

Sabnagan Footbridge, longest footbridge in the country

The town of Luba is home to the so-called longest footbridge in the Philippines.

To experience Luba, cross the footbridge on foot while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Abra River and surrounding mountains.

NOTE: Most destinations mentioned by this Travel Insider are far-flung. For interested parties, it's highly recommended to coordinate with the local government unit first due to the absence of commercial accommodations, regular transportation, and places to buy food. Please don't forget to visit the tourism office of Abra at the Provincial Capitol in Bangued for assistance.

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