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Manta Dive Wing: PH's Newest Adventure Makes You 'Fly' Underwater


Julius Calvin Santos
Julius Calvin Santos | Sep 01, 2016
Manta Dive Wing: PH's Newest Adventure Makes You 'Fly' Underwater
#iHAPtoAnilao  || || Photo Credits to Mon Jahrenel Placido

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Millions of tourists explore the Philippines to experience the splendor of the Philippine Islands every year. However, aside from swimming and snorkeling, only a small fraction brave to explore underwater. For one, it may be a bit more expensive and may require a little more time to develop some underwater exploration skills, just like in the case of scuba diving. However, new underwater activities have floated recently that promise a little or basic swimming skill to enjoy the bounty underneath. It can be as chill as the Reef Walking/Helmet Diving of Boracay or the personal submersible called Aqua Bob in Coron. But for those seeking an adrenaline high while exploring underwater can try the newest adventure that is only found so far in Anilao, Batangas – The Manta Ray Dive Wing!

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#iHAPtoAnilao  || || Photo Credits to Mon Jahrenel Placido

Patterned after the graceful motion of the Manta, riders hold on the wing-shaped glider board while being pulled by a jetski. Once in motion, riders take control by maneuvering the glider to the surface to breath, and down underwater to enjoy the corals and marine life underneath. The whole experience can last for at least 15 minutes or as long as the rider wishes to perform the activity.

#iHAPtoAnilao  || || Photo Credits to Mon Jahrenel Placido

iHAPer Mon Jahrenel, went to Anilao, Batangas to try it for himself.  Based on his experience, the Manta Dive Wing, requires very little swimming movement to propel you forward. In fact, much of the effort is focused on clinging on the glider that requires strong arm muscle in order to continue holding on to the board while being dragged underwater. For him, the whole experience felt surreal, specially the motion that mimics Manta Ray movement underwater and witnessing the immense variety of flora and fauna found in the water of Anilao. The euphoria brought about by the sensation of “flying” underwater is something that he will never forget and will surely recommend to any adventure junkie out there.

#iHAPtoAnilao  || || Photo Credits to Mon Jahrenel Placido

Just a word of caution, just like in any underwater activity, make sure you know how to equalize the pressure before going underwater. This is done by blowing slowly with your nose and mouth closed, for your body to adjust to the change in pressure underwater. After this, you are good to go ride the Manta Dive Wing!

How to Get There:

The Manta Dive  Wing activity is located approximately 170 Kilometers south of Manila in the town of Mabini (Anilao), Batangas.  Anilao is known for it’s rich underwater biodiversity and is hailed as the birthplace of SCUBA diving in the Philippines. This activity is only being offered by The Sicilian Resort ( for a very affordable price.  The resort charges Php 500 pesos for the first 15 minutes of the activity. Anyone who wishes to stay longer may just pay few pesos extra, depending on how long they stay in the activity.

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