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Top Siarganon Surfer Demonstrates How He Rides Big Waves


Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Nov 02, 2016

Let your surfer dreams come to life as Manuel Melindo leads us to the waves with him. Feel as though you were a world class surfer too as he glides through, effortlessly, wave after wave. 

WATCH: The Commander of the Seas: How a Surfer Conquers Siargao's Big Waves

In a tear-shaped island in the province of Surigao del Norte is where surfers flock, especially this time of the year. When the surf season is up, Siargao Island is definitely on top of the list for those looking for a good surf. 

So why not hop on your newly-waxed surf boards, as we take you on a long ride with one of Siargao’s top surfers, Manuel Melindo. See the action now by clicking the play button above. Shaka!

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