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5 Enthralling Philippine Destinations Below 50 Pesos That You Should Visit

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Choose Philippines | Nov 11, 2016
The Philippines is blessed with natural wonders of all sorts like mountainous terrains, serene beaches, stunning water forms or one of a kind man-made place. Having said that, most of us have our own list of places we wish to visit and things we wish to do.
Naturally, each adventure we undertake would require a certain amount of budget. Fortunately for us it is possible to see beautiful places here in our country at a cost below Php 50. Unbelievable? Check out my list below. Sweet!
Enchanted River, Surigao
If there's one place you should definitely not miss, it is the mystical Enchanted River found in Hinatuan. Simply scanning through various photos online will make your eyes sparkle in excitement. What more witnessing it in person? A river so blue and so deep, making it seem so magical and surreal. And the best part? It only costs Php 20 to behold this beauty. 

How to get here:

There are various options  to go to Enchanted River. You may either fly to Surigao, Butuan or Davao from Manila and hop on a bus or a van going to the municipality of Hinatuan. From there, you may opt to ride a tricycle to bring you directly to Enchanted River. 

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Madongan Dam, Ilocos Norte

Short on cash but you want to unleash your adventurous soul? Would you believe that you can enjoy  a spectacular view with a man-made dam? With just Php 10, you get a chance to see a splendid panorama and wade in the waters of Madongan Dam. Cottages are available for you to rent if you opt to eat lunch or just stay a little bit longer. 

How to get here:
From Manila, there are several airlines going to Laoag. However, if you prefer a roadtrip, one can do a long drive going to Ilocos Norte.

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Tondol White Sand Beach, Pangasinan

A serene white sandy beach awaits. Just a few hours away from the city and a few pesos from your pocket, you would be able to enjoy some sun, sand, and sea. Most of us know that you can't buy anything with just Php 5, probably a few pieces of candy. But heading to Pangasinan with just this amount of money, you'll get to experience a white tropical paradise. 

How to get here:

Ride a bus bound or just drive to Anda, Pangasinan. Because of the newly-opened Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union expressway, driving is made easier. 

Mangrove Forest, Aklan
Stroll through the 1.1km trail of the Mangrove forest located in Aklan. The park offers a leisure exercise and an educational experience for only Php 20.

How to get here:

There are several flights available from Manila to Aklan

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Daranak Falls, Rizal

Stressed from all the work load in school? Need a breather from the pressure at work? By just driving roughly an hour or two from the chaos in the city. Quench your thirst for a much needed adventure by taking a plunge at Daranak Falls with just Php 50. 

How to get here:

Commuting to Tanay is easy. Just ride an FX heading to Tanay and get dropped off at the Public Market. After which, scout for a tricycle (which are everywhere) to bring you to Daranak Falls.

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