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In 10 Astonishing Photos: Explore This Side Of Negros Oriental In 3 Days

Negros Oriental

Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Jan 20, 2017

Feed your adventurous soul in Negros Oriental by swimming with turtles, freshening up at a majestic waterfalls, and devouring on sumptuous delicacies. Witness dancing dolphins as well! Make the most out of your three days in the province.


Day 1 - Apo Island

  • Pick an early flight to make the most out of your vacation
  • Upon reaching Sibulan Airport's grounds, go straight to your accommodation and immediately drop off your things.
  • Ride any public transportation to Zamboangita
  • From Zamboangita port. Hop on a boat to Apo Island.
  • Enjoy the island's clear waters, home reef and its' turtles

Day 2 - Bais (Manjuyod Sandbar & Dolphin Watching)

  • Start your day early. Hop on a bus while its still dark. You may sleep during the hours of travel.
  • Upon reaching Bais, go to the market to buy food for the day.
  • Your boatman may grill your lunch in the boat at the middle of the sea.
  • Witnessing dancing dolphins out in the wild may take awhile. PATIENCE. However, once you set your eyes on them.. It is Magical!
  • After the dolphins, you may stop by Manjuyod Sandbar. Enjoy the warmth of the sun, feel the sand on your toes, and freshen up to the cool waters of the sea.

Day 3 - Casaroro Waterfalls & Dumaguete City

  • Visit Casaroro Waterfalls via habal-habal for half the day.
  • Explore Dumaguete City and have a taste of their finest dishes. Don't forget to try their famous sansrival and sylvannas for dessert.


  • For your Island hopping tours, contact your boatman before hand. It will be more convenient and to avoid wasting time.
  • Try to look for an accommodation that is in the middle of the city. So that, buying food or necessities will be within's reach.
  • Use the public transportation. It is cheaper and more adventurous. 
  • Pack light! Just bring your backpack. 
  • Use ziplocks for your valuables. 


Manila to Dumaguete (by plane)

There are local airlines which flies from Manila to Sibulan Airport regulary. 

Dumaguete City to Bais (by land)

  • It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour from Dumaguete City to Bais.
  • You may choose to ride any public transportation (Bus, tricycle or rent a motorcycle) or rent a van (ideal for big groups) for the day.
  • From Bais, you may hire a boat to see the Dolphins out in the ocean. Don't forget to do a sidetrip at Manjuyod Sandbar

Dumaguete City to Apo Island (by land)

  • It takes about 40 - 45 minutes from Dumaguete City to Zamboangita port
  • You may choose to ride any public transportation (Bus, tricycle or rent a motorcycle) or rent a van (ideal for big groups) for the day.
  • From Zamboangita port, you may hire a boat to Apo Island. It takes about 30 minutes before reaching the island.

Dumaguete City to Valencia (by land)

  • Ride a tricycle to Valencia. Duration of the trip is only 25 minutes. 
  • From here, ride a tricycle or motorcycle to reach the jump off point of Casaroro Waterfalls

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