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6 Underwater Paradise Found Only At Anilao Batangas


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Jan 31, 2017

Whether you decide to do a day trip or an overnighter at Anilao, you will be going home with a perpetual smile on your lips as you scour over the photos you took of this awesome place. This province, only 3 hours away from Manila, exhibits an exquisite life beneath the sea. 

Not a licensed Scuba Diver? No worries. 

In Anilao, you can take Scuba Diving lessons and get licensed! However, if you are on a shoestring budget, you can opt to rent a mask, fins and snorkel instead.

Sepoc Island

Sepoc Island is a white pebbled beach that is quite exclusive. A peaceful paradise all for yourself.

Sombrero Island

Hire a boat to bring you to this tiny island. An environmental fee is mandatory upon stepping foot on this paradise, but its all worth it. Its beauty is breathtaking beyond words. A favorite place in the island would bethe diving spot just opposite the marina. Dive and see the colorful world of Nemo. 

Twin Rocks

Planet Dive’s home reef is twin rocks. You can get here by swimming a few meters off the shore. However, if you’re coming from another resort, that is okay too. Two vibrant humongous rocks is waiting to be explored. 

Mang Oscar Island

Far yet unspoiled. Mang Oscar is another option for a pebbled beach. It is an ideal spot to have a relaxing cookout with your friends. The water is crystal clear and rich in corals. However, this island needs a lot of major TLC. Trash are everywhere. 

Eagle Point’s House Reef

Eagle Point is another resort’s home reef that is within reach. It is shallow yet the abundance of corals is exceptional. So, rent a gear and take the plunge. 

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