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7 Side Trips When You’re Coming From The City Of Pines: Baguio

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Feb 21, 2017

With the annual month-long flower festival happening up North of Luzon, in the city of Baguio, Panagbenga is one of the most attended festivals in the Philippines. Foot traffic is expected to increase during February and people who have cheerfully attended the Grand Flower Festival may be tempted to explore a little more around the corners of the city.

To make the 250-km-travel up north worthwhile, Team Choose Philippines has decided to give a list of places perfect side-trip after visiting Baguio.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s seize the day or as they say in latin aphorism, ‘Carpe Diem!’

Tangadan Falls

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Other than its superb surfing waves, La Union is also home to the sparkling cold waters of Tangadan Falls. The hike to the waterfalls include some spectacular view too, stitching a portrait of paradise, one after the other.

Enchanted Cave

Everyone seems to cave in to the idea of an isolated place guarded by mystical beings making it a bit more mysterious, exciting, or in this case, enchanted. The province of Pangasinan is applauded for its nothing short of glorious ‘Hundred Islands National Park’ but little do we know, that it also cradles an underground natural pool. Behold, Bolinao’s Enchated Cave.

Minalungao Park


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Who could deny such beauty of emerald waters adorning seasoned rock formations in the province of Nueva Ecija? This national park in the town of General Tinio continually hold gazes of people looking for some sort of a healing salve for the soul.


Mariveles Five Finger


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In a quaint little town of Mariveles is a charm so dear they call it the “Batanes of the West.” Behold, “Mariveles Five Finger”, a dreamy place of rolling-hills, limestone cliffs and the sea continuously pummelling against rocky shores creating frothy waves.


Haduan Falls


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Are you willing to trek for an hour and a half in exchange for a mellowed down afternoon by the frigid waters of Haduan Falls in Tarlac? This piece of paradise will make you quiver but, alas, anything for an escape from your restless city life, right?


Dipaculao Beach


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From one of the surfing capitals in the island of Luzon comes another gleaming paradise; Dipaculao Beach in the town of Baler offers a refuge for deep rest and relaxation for those shying away from the rather touristy vibes of Sabang Beach.


Mt. Kupapey

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Ooops! This may not be considered a side-trip from the city of Baguio, but if your growing a bit skittish, you may wanna consider traveling up north to the Mountain Province for a heavenly hike to Mt. Kupapey. We say heavenly because as you go through the narrow concrete paths by Maligcong Rice Terraces, chances are high that sea of clouds around the mountain will endow you a moment of serenity.

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