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4 Cool Places In PH That Will Give You The Baguio Chills

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Feb 23, 2017

Where did the time go? One moment it was all about New Year’s resolution, on a whim, it was all about Valentine’s dates, now, a second later, we’re bordering the start of the brightest season of the year - Summer!

Brave the upcoming summer heat as we soon hit the month of March with these 4 invigorating places around the Philippines.

Lake Mirror

The most idyllic place for a picturesque capture of Mt. Apo’s towering heights; when clouds don't cloak this area in Davao Del Sur, Lake Mirror shows an upside down image of the highest mountain in the Philippines onto its lily pond. The best time to catch this breathtaking view? Early at 7 a.m. The lake is also perfect if you’re up for a day fishing, swimming, or a mellowed down afternoon, and kayaking.

Lake Mirror: Reflecting the Beauty of the Philippines’ Highest Mountain

Mt.  Pungtaas

When they say ‘sea of clouds,’ we can’t help but think of the crisp, mountain air of Northern Luzon. This time we get to show you that other than Luzon’s Cordilleras, the elusive sea of clouds is also found in the province of Bohol. In between the towns of Danao and Daghoy lies Mt. Pungtaas, see it for yourself.

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Photo from Travel29 FB Page
Photo from Travel 29 FB Page


Of course, Tagaytay is everyone’s favorite. It is the go-to destination of most individuals from Manila who’s in dire need of a quick escape from the monotonous city. The 2-hour gap of both cities is an instant shift from warm and sticky weather to a chilly climate. To top off the cool breeze, devour some steaming and flavorful Bulalo. Yum!

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Lake Sebu

The rich biodiversity of the water forms in Lake Sebu is profoundly astonishing. However, the cream of the crop, their seven waterfalls is remarkable beyond words. Each waterfall has a distinct and unique charm that entices you to take the plunge. So, which one is your favorite?

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