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10 Thrilling Activities In The Land Of Bagnet: Narvacan Outdoor Adventure Hub

Ilocos Sur

Bernard Supetran
Bernard Supetran | Feb 24, 2017

The town of Narvacan is synonymous to the well-loved regional delicacy called bagnet, a deep-fried pork belly, fried till the skin crackles which is similar to the popular lechon kawali. Eaten as an appetizer, main dish or topping to the equally popular pinakbet, every crunchy bite is heavenly which only this quaint coastal town in Ilocos Sur can cook so well.

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But now, there is a more compelling reason to visit the town a little bit longer for a dose (or overload) of a different heavenly feeling, at the newly-completed Narvacan Outdoor Adventure Hub (NOAH). 

Located in the interior seaside barangay of Bantay Abot, NOAH is touted to be the consummate adventure playground of Ilocandia, with its variety of unique extreme recreational activities, harnessing the elements of nature—earth, wind, water and fire.

Situated between a peculiarly positioned mountain by the ocean, it has breath-taking beautiful cliffs, and produces a steady side shore wind nearly all day long.
The facility has been around for a couple of years now, but the recent opening of its Arko Restaurant where guests can lounge has made it a more comfortable and tourist-friendly destination.   

Here are the activities which can give you your dose of adrenaline rush and a taste of heaven:

Paragliding. The must-try activity which gives you an adrenaline as you glide smoothly into the skies with the West Philippine Sea in the horizon and mountain ranges of the Ilocandia. Flown by seasoned paragliding pilots, you take off from Mt. Bantay Abot, after a technically-challenging 4 x 4 ride, and land at the powdery sandy beach. (Cost: P 2,500.00)

Vertical Via Ferrata. Literally meaning “iron road”, it is the first of its kind in the Philippines, which has been designed with the typical tourist in mind. It is a short 250-meter cable-safety protected trek that brings you up rock scrambling, a cable bridge, and short vertical sections. The actual via ferrata is the 100-foot vertical section with iron rungs stapled onto the expanse of adobe rock. The trail ends with a zipline back to the NOAH tower. (Cost: P 800)

There's fun to be had in Ilocos!

Zipline. Glide from the shoulder of a mountain to the NOAH tower above the shallow river. (Cost: P 300)

Can you feel your palms getting sweaty already?

Hobie Sailing. Ride the wind and cut through the water with the sleek twin-hulled 16-footer Hobie cat sailboat (Cost: P 800 with sailor and intro to sailing lesson, 30 mins., max of 2 pax)

Windsurfing. The coast is directly in front of a hill, causing a wrap-around side shore wind in the mid-day land breeze. Learning to wind surf does not pose the danger of you getting blown into the open sea.  (Cost: P2,500 Wind surf lessons and 6 hours, minimum fee P1,500. Windsurf board rental only P800/hr) 

Kitesurfing. A water surface sport, a variant style of kiteboarding specific to wave riding, which uses surfboards or boards shaped specifically for the purpose. You should train first on the beach on maneuvering the kite, before going into the water.

4 x 4 ride. Drive around the 3-km beach punctuated by mini sand dunes, which are formed by strong and steady wind, which push sand up the shore. Entering the dunes and following the hilly track is ideal even for the first time rider. (Cost: P 2,500 for 5 pax)


Biking. Pedaling along the barangay road hugging the coastline is nirvana, with the undulating hills on the east and the West Philippine Sea to the west. The bicycles have special tires suited for offroad, slalom and dunes.

Camping. If you want to rough it out with the elements, you can pitch tent near the Arko Restaurant and do a Cordillera tribal kind of bonfire, or be caressed by the seabreeze at the beachfront sand dunes. (Campsite fee, included toilet and Shower: P150 pax)

Culinary Journey. Feast on Ilocano delights—Vigan longanisa, pinakbet, dinengdeng, sinanglao and bagnet, as well as all-time favorites, short orders and merienda at the ARKO Restaurant, NOAH’s air-conditioned dining and lounging area. It also has an open deck for an al fresco setup.

It would take at least half a day for a sampler of its must-try adventures.

NOAH organizers and the Narvacan municipal government envision the beach area to be populated with more private providers and enthusiasts of recreational activities—on land, air, and sea—to make it a vibrant adventure hub and truly a natural playground.


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