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7 PH Provinces That Satisfy Your Need For The Raw & Off-Grid Adventures

Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Mar 15, 2017

Free from heavy foot traffic and crowd clamours, everyone wants an intimate and personal encounter with nature, so here are 7 Philippine provinces that are for you if you shy away from mainstream Philippines destinations. Tara!



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Located centerstage in the archipelagic nation of the Philippines, Romblon is a province that is nothing like its neighbour island, Boracay. Bounded by Masbate in the East and Mindoro on the West, its shores are serene and are engulfed in the uncomplicated village life as the islands are mountainous in general.

Places to see in Romblon?

  • Mablaran Falls
  • Alad Island
  • Combrador Island
  • Mt. Guiting guiting

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The home of the vibrant Moriones Festival—one of the most attended festivals in the Philippines, is also ranked number 1 as the most peaceful province in the country way back in 2013. Marinduque may not always be on top of your typical travel-list in PH, but believe or not, a visit to this province might be your best decision yet.

Best spots in Marinduque?

  • Maniwaya Island
  • Mt. Malindig
  • Boac Cathedral
  • Mongpong Islet




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At the crossroads of Luzon and Visayas, Masbate is an island province better known for its Rodeo Festival Show that momentarily disrupts the serene early mornings of its towns. Around the province, accommodations are mainly home-stays, making one’s visit more authentic and locally immersed.

Our recommended spots in Masbate?

  • Anima Sola Island
  • Tinalisayen Island
  • Catandayagan Falls
  • Sombrero Island

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Another island province in the Bicol Region for this list, Catanduanes resembles the hilly mountaintops of the most-sought after destination, Batanes. It’s not called the ‘happy island’ for no reason, after all, stories upon stories of visits to the province remind us of the raw and authentic Filipino living.

Where to go in Catanduanes?

  • Maribana Falls
  • Binurong Point
  • Mamangal Beach
  • Balacay Point

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Nestled between the islands of Panay and Negros is Guimaras, the agri-tourism capital of Western Visayas. Not known to many, the island province boasts of several far-flung white-sand beaches and remote caves.

Amazing spots in Guimaras:

  • Pirate Cave
  • Ave Maria Islet
  • Guisi Beach
  • Roca Encantada


Zamboanga Sibugay


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Located in Zamboanga Peninsula Region in Mindanao, Zamboanga Sibugay ranked as one of the most visited cities in Mindanao last 2015. Destinations in the area are off-grid, reminiscent of the authentic tropical-provincial life.

Top spots to visit while visiting Zamboanga Sibugay:

  • 11 Islands
  • Great Santa Cruz Island
  • Merloquet Falls
  • Buluan Island

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Eastern Samar


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Being strategically located on the eastern portion of Samar Island, this province abounds with endless glass-like waves, thanks to the Pacific Ocean. The perfect destination for those wanting to surf in an uncrowded line up.

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Places to see in Eastern Samar:

  • Santa Monica Caves
  • Suluan Island
  • Calicoan Island
  • Pahungaw Falls

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