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How Much Of Northern Luzon Can You Discover In 30 Days? Find Out!

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Mar 15, 2017

With a recently updated number of 7,641 islands in the Philippine archipelago, there is definitely more fun to be had in exploring the many wonders this country has to offer. However, as each province and island is as rich and as steeped in history as the one right next to it, merely passing through it, just to say you’ve been there, is not encouraged. Instead, what you should do is to take your time, take in the scenery, and get to know the people that call that particular locale their home. In fact, that’s exactly what traveler Skywalk Tim did.

Timothy Estrella, otherwise known as Skywalk Tim, recently went on a month-long adventure all over Northern Luzon, traveling to Baguio City, Kalinga, Cagayan Valley, Ilocos Norte, Abra, and ending his excursion at Bataan. 

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Tim had told Choose Philippines that no one, apart from the locals he befriended, sponsored his trip. He was able to travel for 30 days with a small budget of Php 18,000, and was able to experience the best of Northern Luzon. He stressed the importance of being friendly to anyone and everyone you met, stating that “I just shared them my story [about wanting to travel], and voila, I got a free stuff like this and free stuff like that.”

Skywalk Tim is one of the few travelers that travel not for the sake of another Instagram post, or becoming the envy of his peers; instead, he travels to immerse himself in the culture of the Philippines, to discover his country more eloquently, and maybe discover himself in the process!

Watch his awesome adventure below, and for the full list of places he went to, you can find it here.

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